Stuck in the city this December? Here’s an app that allows you to freely send money to family and loved ones back home

South Africa has entered the 4th wave as Covid-19 cases have increased sharply due to the Omicron variant. Whispers of an imminent ‘family meeting’ announcing a stricter lockdown have been in the air for some time, complete with alcohol bans, increased curfews, and interprovincial travel restrictions. Many of us had already packed away our passports because travel outside of our borders is a little inconvenient, but this looming lockdown has us all preparing for a staycation. Any plans are tentative. Where things become more heart wrenching is for some of us for whom travelling during the festive season is also about going home and connecting with family and loved ones. And there’s many of us in that situation – the BMC Public Health Study reports that internal migration exceeds cross border movement.  5% of our population moved within the country in 5 years preceding the latest census, compared to 1% of the population having immigrated from outside the country’s borders. 

The biggest concern we all have is travelling home and placing our families and loved ones at risk. But it’s the festive season, our absence will be felt, not only because there will be less cheer, but also because the goodies we tend to take home will be missed. According to a Technoserve Report, that’s from about two-thirds of us in South Africa, who send and receive money within the country.

Of course, the solve would be news that the Omicron variant is not a concern, but we know better than to make those guesses or be that hopeful at this point. Therefore, while staying put, the best solve is to think about addressing the cheerless festive by sending money home, conveniently. Think affordability, securely, ease of access, savings, across provinces and cross-border. It’s a kind of freedom, one which Chipper Cash, a free peer to peer (P2P) mobile money transfer app, delivers.

Fast, secure, and convenient

When sending money to loved ones who have Chipper Cash accounts, it instantly reflects in their accounts, which gives them access to much-needed funds. Signing up to the app is quick and easy and your payment information and personal data are encrypted to protect you against unauthorized activities. This is to provide a safe platform for sending and receiving money.

Chipper Cash is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the app and has a highly skilled team that investigates fraud-related activities and takes appropriate remedial measures to conclusively resolve each case.

Save money with each transaction

All domestic P2P money transfers are free without any charges. This offers a massive saving on your day-to-day transactions. The savings are not limited to money transfers, but you get discounts on airtime and data purchases. Meaning you pay up to 2% less on airtime purchased through the app. This may seem like a small discount at first, but this becomes a great saving in the long run, especially with the frequency at which we call our loved ones. These discounts can go up to 20% during promotions.

Request money

When desperate for quick cash, Chipper Cash has a “Request” feature that allows you to send a payment request to anyone on your contact list. The process is simple and easy for anyone to use. The person you are requesting money from will get a notification on the app, if they don’t have a Chipper Cash account, they will receive an SMS that alerts them to the request. The message will direct them to download the app for quick and easy sign-up. It is a handy feature if you are ever stranded this festive season.

The Chipper Cash app is available for download on both Google Play and App Store to explore a new world of money transfer offerings.

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