The return of South African Jewellery designer from Italy to establish her brand

The South African jewellery industry has long celebrated a classic design aesthetic that tends to put masculinity and femininity in their separate boxes. Today, people are more comfortable with who they are and the lines that were used to shape ideas of gender are being blurred. This is creating a shift towards a society that is embracing gender fluidity and giving creatives the platform to disrupt traditional mindsets and in turn influence industries through innovative designs and the launch of the Tshepiso “Landing” Campaign.

Tshepiso Jewellery 1

Tshepiso brings a whole new category into the market that is inspired by everyday life, art and breaking the rules of a traditional binary approach to design as a whole. Her bold pieces caught the attention of Cape Town based creative and life partners Anthony Hinrichsen (Creative director) and Armand Dicker (Photographer). As a team, they translated their interest in the otherworldly and uniquely beautiful into stunning images of muse Yongama Mgqibela in “Landing”, capturing the distinctive spirit of Tshepiso jewellery.

Tshepiso Jewellery 2

When asked about how her travels influenced her work, Tshepiso said “I left South Africa feeling as though I didn’t really I fit in, my jewellery became a reflection of that as my pieces were a departure from the traditional and an embrace the unusual”. Since completing her studies at Alchimia contemporary jewellery school in Florence, Italy, Tshepiso, founder and metalsmith of her namesake jewellery brand has now returned to South Africa to open a studio where she designs each sterling silver piece by hand.


All the pieces featured in the photographs are available for order via: .

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