Dolby adds Live Streaming feature update on Dolby On, a free Android app on Google Play Store

Livestreaming content has become a new fixture in our lives that we almost can’t imagine living without. One of the most crucial components in content creation is sound quality, as is with visual quality. The traditional way of creating high quality material is tedious, costly and time consuming. With the advance of technology, musicians and content creators now have accessible tools such as Dolby On to capture great sound.

Dolby On is a free music and video recording and streaming app which is available on both iOS and Android downloadable via the App Store and Google Play Store. Using a mobile device, the app can easily record and live stream audio and video with superior Dolby sound quality letting you capture the moment when it strikes with unmatched simplicity. Dolby On provides musicians and content creators a powerful mobile tool to capture their ideas and inspirations, as they strike, and then turn them into shareable content for their friends and collaborators – all in amazing Dolby sound.

The app listens to the sound coming in and automatically applies audio effects like compression, EQ , noise reduction, stereo widening, de-essing and more. You can further edit the sound with unique sound “styles”, allowing you to apply sonic profiles to your recording. This powerful audio processing allows creators to record and livestream, both audio and video, with exceptional Dolby sound from the comfort of their home without the need for expensive equipment or technical know-how.

Here are some of the key features of Dolby On to help you create quality content that sounds great, is simply powerful with advanced audio processing –

  • Hear the details: Lose the background noise with Dolby’s original music innovation — noise reduction.
  • Stand out: Compression and pro-limiting optimize your volume — making you stand out on platforms like Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and more.
  • Add shape and depth: Dynamic EQ automatically adapts to your music, and stereo widening expands your sound beyond mono — allowing you to hear every instrument.
  • Make it your own: Customize your recording with Styles — like photo filters for sound — or manually adjust audio parameters to your liking.

The app’s iOS and Android versions are available for free at the Apple App Store and at the Android Google Play Store, respectively. To download the app, please click on the link below

(Android) –

(iOS) –

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