The Unlimited announces R100,000 FREE insurance cover for nurses, teachers, and police officers

The Unlimited is offering nurses, teachers, and police officers, FREE Personal Accident Cover for 12 months. Since the South African lockdown was officially put in place, public service workers such as nurses and police officers have been proving how selfless they are by reporting to work even when the risk became bigger than the reward. These essential workers – our heroes – continue to risk their lives, some even going beyond the call of duty, to serve the country in healthcare centres and on the streets of South Africa. Although teachers are not in the frontlines, they too, deserve to be recognised and protected because they’re doing their best to keep developing our future leaders despite distance restrictions.

The Unlimited recognises that often these “heroes” are the ones who need that extra bit of help the most. Moreover, The Unlimited understands that selflessness deserves to be rewarded.  “We as The Unlimited pride ourselves in providing our customers – who are our family – with remarkable value by making them feel like their lives are unlimited. We’re guided by the belief that business has a responsibility to do better for the society in which it operates. This is why we decided on an offering specially made to protect these essential workers while they take care of us.” says Andrew Wood, Chief Executive Officer of The Unlimited.

The essential workers will receive a year-long Personal Accident Cover that pays out up to R100 000 towards Accidental Hospital Cover. Should they be injured in a motor vehicle accident on their way to or from work, The Unlimited will pay out R1 000 for every 24-hours that they’re in hospital, for up to a maximum of 100-days. In addition to this, they’ll also receive a FREE SIM card from The Unlimited where they get DOUBLE the airtime and data that they load onto their SIM card. We know that they need to use their phones more than normal during these extraordinary times to stay connected to their loved ones as they take care of the nation. There are no waiting periods from the time that they receive their confirmation SMS for their policy.

“We don’t know how long it’ll be before a vaccine or a cure to treat the Coronavirus is found. The 12-month non-payment period gives well deserved financial relief to these workers and allows them to invest their monies into other areas of need,” says Wood.

These heroes who are interested in this FREE offer can sign-up to activate their FREE cover at as well as learn more about this opportunity. The sign-up is incredibly simple. Our “heroes” can SMS ‘FREE COVER’ to 34944 or WhatsApp FREE COVER to 086 199 0000 and we’ll assist them to get signed up.

In a time where poverty and financial limitations are even more distinct, businesses should play their part to solve societal problems. The Unlimited urges businesses to put people before profit by coming together and assisting those in need.

Protecting the heroes that protect us.

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