Bacardi Raises Spirits with #PasstheBeat, connecting fans across the globe to #DoWhatMovesYou

On Sunday the 3rd of May 2020, Bacardi, the world’s number one premium rum, is bringing isolated fans together from around the world through their virtual #PassTheBeat party at home. Bacardi will be hosting a virtual party together with major artists and performers from the Philippines, India and South Africa to spread the party spirit with fans in their own home arenas – uniting them together once more – and getting them moving again.

The “Pass the Beat” experience will go live on Instagram TV on Sunday afternoon with each artist hosting a live DJ set before they #PassTheBeat to the next party starter. The beat will start in the Philippines with DJ @alissonshore at 12:30pm (SA time) and move over to 5 other Philippine-based DJs, who will pass the beat across to India (across 5 different DJs), who will then finally pass the beat over to South Africa.

South African Hip-Hop DJ, DJ Speedsta will take over the beat and kick off the SA leg at 18:00pm on Sunday. He’ll pass it over to Ganja Beatz at 18:30, followed by DBN Gogo at 19:00 and Amapiano favourite Scorpion Kings will take the beat home for SA from 19:30 to 20:10. Don’t miss our energetic supporters as well, Bontle Modiselle and Sne Mbathe who’ll be helping the artists and SA to keep the beat alive and to #DoWhatMovesYou.

South Africa, it’s time to kick off those sweatpants and leave your couch to #DoWhatMovesYou.

Tell your friends, join the party, and let’s #PassTheBeat on to keep us connected and in high spirits.

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