Rooibos is Rooibos is Rooibos…or is it?

Rooibos teas are not created equally. In the Rooibos tea’s sea of sameness, there is one whose teabag is bursting with the highest quality blend of Rooibos leaves and fine stems. It is Joko 100% pure Rooibos.


South Africa’s very own Rooibos is no newcomer on the international tea table. Best known for its distinctive colour, taste and aroma, Rooibos carries a wealth of health benefits and contains no colourants, additives or preservatives and best of all, no calories. This liquid gold is world-renowned to relieve stress, nervous tension and hypertensive conditions. Rooibos is 100% caffeine free which means that you can turn any time of the day into tea o’clock!


Now, Joko has introduced a whole new range of Rooibos in line with Joko’s over 100-year old heritage. A rich legacy backed by Master blenders who select only “one in a thousand leaves” to deliver unparalleled quality in every cup. Joko’s 100% pure Rooibos might look, smell and swirl the same way as the rest, so you will not see the difference at first glance, but will taste it at first sip. This is articulated in Joko Rooibos’ fresh campaign where South Africans are challenged to spot the difference between the Rooibos they know. Needless to say, there is no visible difference between them, so the audience is encouraged to try Joko’s 100% pure Rooibos for taste. A promise that is summed up in the tagline: Taste the difference.


To add more variety to the already enjoyable taste, Joko has also launched a delicious array of flavoured Rooibos. The new range caters for everyone’s taste buds – Caramel Marula, Chamomile Marula, African Marula and Honeybush.


So, how do you taste the difference with Joko’s 100% pure Rooibos? It is simple…Sit down. Lean back. Sip up. Repeat.

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