Celebrate Best Friends Day with The World’s Most Shareable Snack

Did you know that there is a special day dedicated to celebrating our favourite people in the whole wide world – our besties? The 8th of June is officially Best Friends Day and even though you can show some appreciation for your BFF on any day of the year, what better excuse to give them a shout out than this one?

Just like M&M’s Red (short, serious and a little grumpy) and Yellow (tall, quirky and really funny), every friendship has dynamic personalities and being accepted for you who you are is a special part of that bond. It’s what makes life colourful and fun, and allows you to play to each other’s strengths.


Three local celebrities who you may not know are besties, but will definitely be sharing their M&M’s:

Mika Stefano and Cyprian: The Fitness Duo


We first knew Mika Stefano as ‘GP’s Gossip Gangster’, and over the years, he has transformed to one of Joburg’s elites. We have watched him evolve and even seen him triumph through his weight loss transition. He now holds the title of fitness trainer. Cyprian is a qualified nutritionist, and has used his good looks and charm to pave his way as an entrepreneur, TV host and actor. This duo is all about smiles, abs and the red carpet – and we love to see Cyprian flash those dimples! It’s no wonder these two are now friendship goals.


Lee-Roy Wright and El Broide: The Pet Lovers


Lee-Roy Wright is a TV presenter and El Broide is a journalist and a lifestyle blogger. These two are the best of buddies and it’s clear to see that they share the same passion for humour and pets, as they constantly post pictures of their beloved fur besties too.

Boity Thulo and Khanya Mkangisa


We first met TV presenter and actress Khanya Mkangisa on YOTV and over the years we have seen her transform from TV presenter to actress. It’s no wonder Boity Thulo found friendship in Khanya, who first came on to our screens as an actress on Mzansi Magic’s Rockville. They recently went on a birthday vacation together to celebrate. These two have since been slaying the industry and gladly share the spotlight in this ‘It Girl’ friendship.


Life wouldn’t be the same without best friends. They’re the people in our lives that can be counted on to be there at a moment’s notice. Those who love, laugh and support you – in good times and bad. Whether you whisper words of appreciation, send them a sweet text or buy a bag of the world’s most shareable snack to share with them – today is all about showing your bestie they mean the world to you.

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