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The premium vodka brand and original Kings of Kicks, Russian Bear, is once again calling all passionate sneaker fans to lace up and put their best kicks forward in the 2017 #kingofkicks competition. This year we have a feeling that the competition is going to be next level.


Launched in 2015, #kingofkicks started out as a way of reaching out to all respected sneaker heads in South Africa. Now, the movement is gaining speed, with over 2500 curated sneakers already in their collection and counting.


Russian Bear is leading the pack and their aim is to take sneaker culture from the streets to the next level. This year’s winner will be crowned the 2017 #kingofkicks and will walk away with a year’s worth of sneakers valued at R60 000. Could it be you?



What’s your flavour?

The campaign will run over 12 weeks and open up 4 categories, each inspired by Russian Bear. They are:


1/ CLASSICS – Like Russian Bear Premium Vodka, these are the original, signature kicks that never go out of style.


2/ 24/7 – the sneakers that keep on going, just like Russian Bear Energy Fusion.


3/ COLOURWAYS – Inspired by Russian Bear flavours, Colourways are the sneakers that make you stand out for the crowd.


4/ GRAILS – for the most prized kicks. They are hard to get your hands on and all the hyper beats want it. This category is inspired by Russian Bear’s most recent award won in the International Wine and Spirits Challenge – GOLD OUTSTANDING!


Entering is easy

Social media is our playground – Twitter and Instagram is where all the action takes place. To enter, upload an image of your kicks (a single pair, or your entire collection) and caption it with the#kingofkicks hashtag and with the category you want to enter, for example #kingofkicks#kingofclassics. Alternatively, enter directly online via the King of Kicks website (


We know that creativity cannot be contained, so we’re accepting multiple entries. Go on, show off your kicks.


Who gets to decide?

When it comes to choosing the ultimate king of kicks winner, your vote counts. But before that happens, each post will go through a judging session, led by SA’s respected sneakerheads DJ Doowap, Mark Mac, Youngsta and Nick Herbet (founder of Shelflife), to narrow the competition to just 4 entries.


Sneakers are kind of a big deal in South Africa…

And so is living your best life. What’s the link between sneakers and award-winning vodka, you ask? We’re passionate about them both!


We’re proud of our brand, and we’re proud of our people; nowhere else in the world does creativity unite people of all ages, all cultures and all mindsets.


Russian Bear brand manager, Simone Burns, says that as sneaker culture becomes more mainstream, Russian Bear remains in the front row. “We’re mixing creativity with authenticity to dig deep into the heart of street culture, collaborating with passionate sneaker fans and inviting everyone else to join the movement”, she says.


Sneakers transcend boundaries and destroy stereotypes with every step. Models rocking sneakers in a high-fashion shoot… Why not? Suit and tie with boardroom-appropriate kicks? Yes, please! Clearly, the local sneaker craze shows no signs of slowing down.

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