Get your Inner Fashionista Ready for a Day at the Races

There can be no better event to draw out your inner fashionista than a day at the races. For those of us with an eye for the finer things in life, there are thankfully several high profile days to choose from, giving us a number of opportunities to show off our own unique style. From the Tsogo Sun Sprint, to the Durban July and the Met, we are here to ensure you feel race day ready, no matter which race course you find yourself on.


Dress Accordingly

“While your inner diva may be itching to make her presence felt, it’s important to dress accordingly for the occasion and the weather. Wedding and night club attire don’t quite hit the mark for the races, and leaving a little to the imagination is always a good idea when watching horses gallop for glory. With that said, stepping out of your comfort zone, while remaining true to your personal style always makes for a fashion-forward look,” explains Golden Horse Casino General Manager, Maureen Kivits.


Themes on Trend

“Several races on the social calendar often suggest a quirky theme to guests, which can act as a fun guideline when getting your race-day outfit ready. I often suggest that a subtle nod is always a better idea than immersing yourself in the theme. For example, the Tsogo Sun Sprint, taking place on May 27th at the Golden Horse Casino in Pietermaritzburg, has invited guests to ‘Unrein your Style’, which is a call to give freedom to your personal style, without holding anything back. I would say that adventurous prints mixed with accent colours, or even a daring monochrome look would certainly turn heads at this prestigious event,” adds Kivits.


Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

“Accessories are an effective way to bring your signature style to your outfit for the day. A fascinator in your favourite shade can make a bold statement, or a well-chosen clutch can add a sophisticated finishing touch that really completes your look. From chandelier earrings to a fabulous choker or designer bowtie, accessories offer spectators an amazing opportunity to stand out in their own unique way, especially at the races,” concludes Kivits.


A Date to Diarise

The Tsogo Sun Sprint has established itself as one of the most paramount equine events on the calendar, and is the only horse racing event in the country with four sprint races. In celebration of its inception in 1962, the Sprint will now be toasting to 55 glamorous years. The event is highly regarded and is the oldest, biggest and richest sprint event in the country. Previously known as the Golden Horse Sprint and later changed to the Tsogo Sun Sprint, the race will now have a R3.7 million cash prize at stake for horse racing enthusiasts.


One thing is certain, the Tsogo Sun Sprint offers us the perfect opportunity to indulge our inner fashionistas, so circle May 27th in your diary – it’s time to “Unrein your Style” and start planning an outfit that is a fabulously unique expression of who you truly are.

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