Jabari Announces Collaboration with 2LeeStark

Jabari has recently announced freestyle rap artist 2Lee Stark as their lead act for their “Own It” campaign. Ndumiso Buthelezi known to many as 2Lee Stark, is a 26-year-old Durban-born rapper who grew up in the city of dreams Johannesburg.


Jabari chose him to be their official ambassador because he resonates so well with the brand’s essence and energy. 2Lee Stark is a talented freestyle rapper who has a flair for writing and performing which has seen him develop a loyal and passionate following. “As Jabari we are inspired by the wave of South African youth culture currently sweeping through the nation. The creative and expressive energy is one that we want to be part of and also support. Self-expression and self-identity are at the core of this revolution, as this generation continues to break new ground” says Zane Alley, Marketing Manager at Edgars Active. 2Lee Stark was the perfect fit for us as he embodied what we feel the brand is all about, he is a hustler, talented and ambitious” concludes Alley.


The “Own It” campaign celebrates the youthful spirit that excels at being true to itself and the pursuit to live the best life possible despite challenges. Part of the “Own It” brand narrative is celebrating youths that may not conform to mainstream but use their creative flair to not only express themselves but to earn a living. 2Lee Stark comments that “I was excited to be chosen as part of the brand. I am ecstatic to be given the opportunity to be aligned with a campaign that speaks to my personality and be given the platform to showcase my craft”.


“Creativity and artistry have been thrown right at the forefront of Mzansi’s golden economy and with the collaboration between brands and influencers, great campaigns and executions are rolled out. The rise of the influencer has seen many talented youths being catapulted into the limelight and we hope with this collaboration we are able to inspire more young individuals to follow their passion and unlock their full potential. The partnership with 2Lee Stark will highlight Jabari’s commitment to encouraging and showcasing inspirational youth”, concludes Alley.


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