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King Price may have just turned four, but the relatively new kid on the block is growing up quickly as it announced the launch of their newest insurance offering, Business Insurance at their royal launch on the 7 July, 2016.

The event, which saw over 200 brokers attend, detailed King Price’s latest offering which caters specifically to the needs of South African business owners and entrepreneurs, providing them with the same affordable cover, award-winning royal service and peace of mind that thousands of King Price clients already enjoy with their personal insurance offering.

The event fit for a king or queen, was hosted at the Yadah Castle, in Irene and was a night filled with fun and entertainment.  The purpose of this extravagant evening was to not to only invite the broker market to join the King Price family, but also to launch the new business insurance advertising campaign and to once again reinforce the fact that insurance no longer has to be a grudge purchase and whilst King Price may not take themselves all that seriously, that take what they do very seriously.

King Price is the only insurer in South Africa that decreases its clients’ car insurance premiums monthly, as the value of their cars depreciate. Alas, the King Price business offering is no different; while it will include a multitude of business insurance options typically available from other insurers, its motor and fleet insurance is what sets it apart from the ordinary. Clients can expect decreasing monthly premiums for their business cars too.

“We are not going to sugar coat the reality. We know that every business is unique and that risks differ. Theft or damage to your business is often out of your control and can happen at any time and for various reasons, which makes being covered for this risk so vitally important,” said Gideon Galloway, King Price Insurance CEO and founder.­

“This doesn’t mean we will now wear suits and ties. What clients are interested in is a reliable product offering, at the cheapest possible price and a company that they can relate to, which is exactly what we offer, to both business owners and the man on the street” added Galloway.

This comprehensive, commercial product includes cover for fire, buildings, office contents, money, accidental damage and fleet and the company will now invite brokers to start doing royal business with them.

“All of King Price’s products are born out of a strong culture that believes the customer is king. Existing clients can add the king’s business insurance to their existing policies, and future clients can look forward to being covered by an insurer that creates, and tailors, innovative products according to their needs” said Galloway.

King Price has already enjoyed massive success, with over 100,000 happy personal clients on their books and more than 700 staff members comprising their unconventional ‘royal family’. Adding to this, over 100 business insurance quotes have already been logged and 70 brokers have officially joined the kingdom, and the launch isn’t even a week old.

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