With the winter season already among us, new fashion must-haves are hitting the runway, shelves and the streets.  Linda Sifumba, winner of She’s The One, model, fashion stylist and blogger, together with Philips Garment Care provide exclusive insights on the latest fashion trends for winter.

According to the stylist, the 70’s is a huge inspiration for the fashion industry this season. “The retro look with flared pants, groovy prints, and bohemian themes is what that era was about, and now in 2016 we see the same prints, shapes and textures make for contemporary fashion,” says Linda.



I expect to see very strong colours as well as masculine tailored ensembles that speak to 70’s fashion, so people need to keep this in mind when selecting their season’s finest pieces if they want to follow the current trends,” says the stylist.

In association with Philips Garment Care, Linda gives the exclusive on what trends you should rock this winter.

Suiting Life

Embrace tailored suiting, either styled up with a pair of heels and a blouse or styled down with sneakers and a T-shirt. This masculine tailoring trend can also be explored further with different colours, cuts, shapes and fabrics. This trend is inspired by women empowerment and encourages femininity that in essence celebrates women.



Fringing is a trend that brings the simplest items of clothing to life, adding fun, movement and zest to any outfit. You can also find fringing in accessories like bags, shoes, earrings, neck pieces etc.  This trend can be worn anywhere from the runway to the office, by pairing it with the right accessory. Remember, you do not need to dress head to toe in fringe to make a statement. Fringe is a statement in itself and can be worn by adding a single statement piece to your ensemble.


The 70’s flared pants/ culottes

The denim lux trend remains relevant throughout seasons, varying in shapes, colour, cuts and fabrics to relate to the different seasons. This winter season you will see a lot of the wide legged denims, dresses, and jackets, dungarees, and culottes inspired designs.

Oversized coats

The saying “the bigger, the better” applies perfectly here. Cosy styles are a constant favourite during chilly months and nothing looks warmer or trendier than an oversized coat. Whether you prefer leather, wool or fur, when looking at ways to wear an oversized coat, it all comes down to balancing out proportions, the right styling and length.

Fur stoles, bags and head pieces

The right accessories can make or break an outfit. It’s a trend that admittedly may have enjoyed its heyday several decades back, but fur has made its way to the future. If you want to make a statement this season, a touch of faux-fur could do just that.

Other trends to look out for:

  • French berets and hats
  • Ponchos and capes
  • Thick waist belts

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