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The CBD market is booming in South Africa and globally, expecting to grow from $500m in 2020 to more than $10bn by 2024 and up to $25bn by 2027. The change of CBD legislation in 2019, combined with the benefits of high-quality products, has made CBD the go-to alternative for pain relief, anxiety and mood enhancement, among others. An increase in products, ranging from pain relief to skincare and even pet wellbeing has meant many new players have entered the market and even more options to choose from.


Here, Pharmacist and Certified Holistic Cannabis Practitioner Sean Willard shares his advice on choosing the right CBD products to suit your needs.


There are currently three sectors dominating the cannabis market: CBD, medical cannabis and recreational cannabis, with CBD leaders like Rethink offering consumers high-quality products with incredible health benefits. That said, misinformation around CBD products, their usages, benefits and dosages still exist and consumers often struggle to discern quality and efficacy.


Not all CBD products are created equally


Willard highlights the importance of using trusted brands to ensure safety, quality and efficacy. “Sticking to brands like Rethink, who have proven themselves as leading providers of CBD products, will help consumers make the best decision without having to navigate the sheer volume of options on the shelves.”


“It is vital to remember that not all CBD products are made equally,” Willard advises. As such, there are several key factors to consider when choosing a CBD product:


  • A daily dosage limit of no more than 20mg, which should be clearly stated on the product label.
  • The THC content must be no more than 0.001% to be considered safe and legal.
  • All ingredients must be stated on the label in order of concentration, from highest to lowest.
  • No banned ingredients or solvents, for example, carcinogenic pentane or benzine, should be present.
  • All products must be tested for consistency across all batches and meet all pharmaceutical standards.
  • Manufacturers must feature a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification, which should be clearly stated on their website.


Dosage, administration and absorption of CBD products


When taken in the correct dosage, CBD products have many reported health benefits, including relief from chronic pain and inflammation, calming effects and reduced feelings of anxiety, improvements in mood and better sleep. This has caused many consumers to switch from chemical supplements to more natural CBD products like oils and capsules.


The method or format you choose depends on what you’re looking for and your current health needs. Some consumers want quick relief, while others prefer a slower release that lasts longer. Oil drops taken under the tongue are the fastest acting CBD (within 15 – 20 minutes) as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The effects of oil drops can last for about 5 – 6 hours. On the other hand, capsules take up to 60 minutes to start working as the capsule has to pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream.


“The Rethink Daily Capsules and Oils are available in three strengths, allowing the consumer to choose a product that suits their current health needs while never encouraging the use of more than 20mg a day. As such, the highest strength is 600mg, equating to one month’s supply,” says Willard. “CBD is tasteless, but the carrier oils it is infused into may have an earthy, nutty or grassy taste. Many companies now use MCT ( Medium Chain Triglyceride ) oil as a carrier oil because it is neutral in taste and more bioavailable. The newer batches of Rethink CBD oils are neutral in taste but if you prefer capsules to oils, the Rethink Capsules are available in three strengths too.”


“While it has been shown that CBD products can significantly improve the lives of many South Africans who have health issues related to pain, mood or sleep, we only recommend products that meet the highest manufacturing and pharmaceutical standards. As such, Rethink continues to be the go-to brand for South Africans looking for the best CBD products,” he concludes.


Rethink CBD – Formulated by Releaf Pharmaceuticals


Releaf Pharmaceuticals is a thought-leading, South African-based pharmaceutical company in the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) category. The product-focused brand focuses on creating and sharing scientifically backed, best-in-class products and solutions, which exceed the CAM/SAHPRA requirements within the CAM product categories.


Releaf Pharmaceuticals creates and shares primarily Herbal and Health Supplements that are scientifically backed. Releaf’s solutions talk to the needs of a conscious, informed, health-focused community: people who proactively cultivate a healthy lifestyle and believe implicitly in preventative health. In addition, they expect their doctor or pharmacist to offer them trusted alternatives. Their products help you gain insight into conditions and manage them with world-class alternative health solutions.



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