Lushka is here to enhance your experiences

Lushka(laa-sh-kaa), a proudly South African female owned adult wellness startup is thrilled to announce the launch of its range of products aimed at promoting self-discovery and healthy sexual experiences.

The locally manufactured product offering ranges from, water-based lube, body and bath products to adult toys.  It prides itself with providing individuals and couples’ products that promote healthy, intimate, and pleasurable adventures. The brand thrives to help foster enlightenment and self-discovery without fear.

People are sometimes too embarrassed to talk about what ever problem they might be experiencing not knowing that it’s common. Many people find it extremely difficult to talk about sex; it can be a sensitive and awkward topic that raises feelings of embarrassment, shame or inadequacy. In line with this, Lushka recently started exclusive ‘Sex Ed Classes’ and offers individuals a chance and opportunity to engage openly about subjects around sex, intimacy and relationships.

“Intimacy more so sex is something that’s difficult to ignore in our lives because it’s everywhere in our culture; it’s reflected in magazine and TV advertising, fashion, music, TV series and movies. There is also more to it than just being physical or sexual, it’s about both body and mind wellness. That is why we are so thrilled to bring South Africans a homegrown brand like Lushka, we want to shake things up and get the conversations going,” says Percy, Founder and Director at Intimate Lushka

Although Lushka prides itself by being a brand that aims to promote the health benefits of sex, there’s more to it and its offering.

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