Viceroy Brandy launches new Smooth Gold Liqueur

Viceroy Brandy is excited to announce a new addition to its product range, Viceroy Smooth Gold. This new product has a lowered alcohol content (23%) to regular brandy (43%), but still offers the same full-bodied flavour making it smoother and easier to drink.

Commenting on the reasons behind Viceroy’s expansion into the new offering, Richard Papo, Marketing Manager for Brandy and Liqueurs at Distell, says, “We’ve seen a growing trend among both men and women who are looking to make responsible choices with their alcohol consumption. Smooth Gold offers drinkers a lowered alcohol product that still delivers on the flavour and quality that people expect from Viceroy.”

Papo goes on to further note that Viceroy’s “Kube Mnandi” campaign that will launch Smooth Gold in South Africa will focus on people recognising and celebrating their ‘everyday’ success stories. “It’s a celebration of izikhathi ezimnandi (the good times). We want to remind people that the small, everyday successes are just as worthy of celebrating as the big milestone achievements, especially now during this tough period in our country.”

Speaking about the role Viceroy plays in our country’s traditions and rituals, Papo notes, “Viceroy is a brand that is rooted in the traditions that South Africans hold dear. It’s a brand that stands for character brought from our heritage, and it is during these difficult times that we, as South Africans, need to show the right character. We need to protect both ourselves and our loved ones by drinking responsibly, respecting each other, and continuously abiding by social distancing rules.”

Viceroy Smooth Gold is a blend of premium neutral spirits and finely crafted pot still brandy, which has been matured for 3 years in oak barrels in the age-old tradition of the House of Van Ryn’s. It is exceptionally smooth, and made for easy drinking.  Viceroy Smooth Gold contains notes of honey, raisin and muscat and a subtle vanilla, oak and spice on the finish. The flavours develop during the natural process of aging in oak barrels for 3 years.

Viceroy Smooth Gold is available in a 750ml bottle. Here’s to those everyday golden moments, ma kube mnandi with Viceroy Smooth Gold.


Enjoy Responsibly. Not for Persons Under 18.

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