This Father’s Day, Ingram’s is celebrating father figures across the country

We inherit more than just our DNA from our dads. We inherit their heritage, values, mannerisms and rituals. They are part of the blueprint against which we model ourselves. Remember watching dad getting ready in the morning, watching his every move? Then mimicking him as we put on his oversized shoes and tie or pretended to shave.


Dads guide us when we take our first steps, teach us how to tie our shoelaces and how to kick a ball. Fathers are there to reassure us when life becomes tangled with choices and consequences and on this day, we celebrate all the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers and step-dads that welcomed this role with pride.


This Father’s Day, Ingram’s is celebrating father figures across the country who have played an integral part in teaching children how to love themselves and their skin. Skin care and grooming have for too long been seen as women’s territory, but that is not true anymore. We are seeing dads everywhere normalising skin care and imparting values of self-love and care to their children. It’s important that this representation is seen and celebrated – in our homes and in the media.


Ingram’s has made it their mission to help South Africans celebrate and nourish their skin and wear it bravely. This Father’s Day, the proudly South African brand who have long been believers in men’s skin care, are giving away hampers to the special men who have helped raise the children on this nation. Prizes include the full Ingram’s Men Ultra Cool and Extreme Moisture ranges as well as an assortment of male grooming products.


Ingram’s Brand Manager, Venus-Gene Jackson adds, “At Ingram’s we believe that good skin care practices start at home. A daily skin care regime ensures healthy skin and builds your confidence. The younger you start the better. We want to encourage fathers to share the benefits of skin care with their children.”

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