Black Friday 2019 is set to be one for the record books, with one hundred million rand in savings!

Game is a rebel brand. We go against the odds of high prices to give our customers a better life for all through unbeatable prices. We are so proud to be offering consumers never-before-seen Black Friday prices, totalling a cumulative of R100M in savings potential.

Game’s 2019 Black Friday promotion is from 9 am on 13 November 2019 to 6 pm on Tuesday, 3 December 2019, and will offer weekly specials on a variety of products from furniture, foods, automotive, cellular, baby products, DIY tools and much more. These savings will culminate in our massive Black Friday sale, where 96 of our stores will open at 12am midnight on 29 November. On the day (29 November) you will see deals like never before and hidden in the month of November will be surprises, so come and visit Game often in November and keep watching our adverts.

“Offering unbeatable prices is part of our brand fabric and always will be, as we continue to rebel against high prices and contribute to a better life for all” says Katherine Madley, Brand and Customer Director at Massdiscounters trading as Game and Dion Wired.

“There is only one Black Friday – and it’s at Game where we offer the widest variety of merchandise at the most competitive prices, totalling R100 Million in savings for consumers” Madley continued.

Try and get to your nearest Game store early to make sure you get the deal you want. Most Game Stores are opening at midnight for convenience, with safety and security measures in place for a safe shopping experience. Game Stores has also got exclusive deals available online, from midnight on 29 November.

There are deals leading up to Black Friday, but we recommend that you keep your eyes open for the exclusive Black Friday leaflet from 27 November. This will show shoppers the deals available on the weekend of 29 November.

“We’ve Got Game this year with our deals. We’re doing something never seen before – giving our customers a total R100 million in savings. We look forward to welcoming all shoppers to our deals in store and online this year” Madley says.

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