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Spring is finally upon Mzansi and we can simply not contain our excitement! The new season brings with it, fabulous news as two of the biggest brands in South Africa partner to bring the spirit of vibrancy and luxury to any occasion. Spring is synonymous with revitalisation and of course, the bursting of life in many forms. So, while ordering flowers and Spring gifts, you can now also add House of BNG gift hampers to your basket.

We are fortunate as South Africans to experience warm winters and fairly good weather all year round, however everyone chooses to make the most of this time by organising social events with friends and family. The season invites renewed energy and creates the perfect opportunity for you to rejuvenate, enjoy the outdoors as well as spring clean.

It is the season to flourish or bloom where you are planted, and NetFlorist is here to celebrate every occasion and success with you. As you use this second chance to work towards manifesting your goals before the end of the year, allow yourself to embrace the positive as well as bring the timeless taste of Africa to the occasion.

  1. Surprise and delight Brut and Brut Rosé Méthode Cap Classiques (MCCs) lovers with beautifully personalised gifts from the House of BNG starting from today. The personalised House of BNG Brut Rose Crate will surely bring cheerful memories and colourful conversations.


  1. You can also be twice as nice by gifting someone with the Personalised House of BNG Duo Crate matching elegance, fabulous style, luxury with amazing personality.


  1. Gift your significant other with flowers that shout ‘Happy Spring Day’. Flowers are always the best way to make someone’s Spring Day and what better way to ignite the magic than with the Colour Wheel Arrangement .


  1. Bring in some sunflower power to your co-workers, friends, family members home and your office desk with the Sunflower Smiley pot. This cheerful gift can brighten up any day and you can be promoted to the favourite co-worker, friend, family member this Spring


  1. As you embark on a new eating plan and various hobbies, remember to refresh your wardrobe with activewear that will help you enjoy the process of stretching, bending and sweating out the tension from your body. You will thank yourself post Spring when you are summer ready.


  1. Decorative wall vinyl ‘s are a stylish accessory for the home and uplifts the spirit when the design has positive words. It can make the house feel like a new home especially when placed on newly painted or washed walls, thanks to spring cleaning and increased light levels that come through sparkling windows. The best part is that it is easy to apply and the refreshing design transforms the room instantly.


A majority of the population makes the most of beautiful Spring days by surprising loved ones with occasion-specific flowers and gifts, dressing up in colourful clothes and going on picnics at the park. Shopping for gifts shouldn’t take up your time and having what you purchased delivered to your doorstep allows you to be part of colourful scenes of jubilation in a blooming good atmosphere that gives off a feeling of new opportunities and many other clichés.


Align your lifestyle with the season by compiling a Spring budget, gig guide, flower and gift list and refreshing eating plan, but remember to have fun and thoroughly enjoy the eruption of sight, sound and colour that comes with the new season.

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