Looking Good LCN & ORS Donate Beauty Products For Mandela Day

Looking Good LCN & Dabur (ORS) donated a generous amount of make-up and haircare products to the survivors of domestic violence at the Bethany Home in celebration of Mandela Day 2019. This marks the first time the brands have collaborated with each other to celebrate their 67 minutes of Mandela Day. The brands visited the women’s shelter to present the gifts and discover how the shelter is making a difference in the lives of those affected by abuse.
The beauty brands showed support to the home because of how the issue of domestic violence is still topical but the victims are largely neglected and ignored by the community. The shelter works hard in educating and providing resources to families affected by abusive relationships in their homes, as well as providing emotional support, housing, safety planning and local resources, such as legal advice and counseling. The shelter also houses different victims and survivors whose abusive partners have tried to exploit their children as a tactic to try and retain control over the victim.
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 A representative from Looking Good LCN Chama Mulolo spoke on the day and said “Women are the cornerstone of our society and their well-being is of paramount importance to everyone. The abuse of women is unacceptable; women need to bind together and build each other up by starting movements that can be amplified and sustainable.  Dabur ORS brand manager Cathrine Williams also added on and spoke about “Victim shaming cannot solve the current issue we are facing with domestic abuse/violence. Before we blame the victim, let us challenge the perpetrator to change their ways. When you encounter abuse one needs to condemn it because silence is consent and agreement. Once we start doing this then we will start developing sustainable way of dealing with violence.“ The two brands thanked the shelter and pledged their support to further projects.

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