In Africa, a woman’s hair serves many purposes. Africa Day is a reminder of this as her hair is a statement that could define her social status and reflect her true opinions about herself. This past weekend, ORS held a natural hair event in honour of African mothers and their organic hair roots at The Brand Cartel’s office in Bryanston Shopping Centre, Johannesburg.

The event was a gathering of powerful voices in the natural hair industry. The guest speaker for the day was Katlego Tefu (@TheGalWithAFro), who is a well-known natural hair influencer and social media commentator. Some of the guests included beauty editors from the country’s top media, TV presenter Ntokozo Molefe and other renowned natural hair influencers who came to the event rocking their afros like original black Nubian queens.

The ORS event was the brand’s way of getting involved with Africa Day by paying homage to the black African people who protested against racial segregation and oppression by making their hair a statement through their powerful afros. The eye-catching political statement now makes it easy to assert black identity without feeling forceful or ignorant. The hairstyle has been known to be hard to maintain, but the ORS team presented neat and easy tricks to taming the mane.

During the ORS event, Katlego gave a simple talk about how to care for your natural hair by making the right choice in products to use. Her Fro Care talk was informative and helped many see how South African culture has changed in the hair industry.

Cathrine Williams, ORS brand manager states: “ORS products pride themselves in how they show that African hair is versatile and can be used to have endless hairstyles that are still trendy and chic. ORS is a brand that is always evolving and showing more inclusivity and we have realised that many people are turning away from relaxers and our range needs to accommodate this segment and support the movement as well. Many African women are faced with only two choices when it comes to taking care of their hair and ORS as a hair brand understands the lack of options offered by fellow hair care producers. We realise that this is a bad reflection, so the brand will positively support the growing cultural trend that has been shunned and criticised for decades around the world.

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