Johnnie Walker Whiskies – The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Talk about quality and exquisite whiskies anywhere and you are guaranteed that the Striding Man range of whiskies are top of the conversation. With its’s world class and iconic whiskies, Johnnie Walker is the most classical and familiar whisky in the world.

Johnnie Walker unlocks a world of exquisite whisky experiences from the Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve to the Johnnie Walker Black label. Interesting to note that each have different tastes which are linked to the different ingredients used in making the whiskies.

Johnnie Walker Green Label

The Johnnie Walker Green Label bottle opens to refreshing aromas of crisp cut grass and fresh fruit play with deep notes of wood smoke, vanilla, and sandalwood. The opulent scent of oak and cedar plays lightly on the palate ending with Johnnie Walker’s signature smoky finish and the comforting flavour of sea salt. Luxuriously enjoy this delicious drink by adding a cube of ice as it just releases the water into the whiskey and enhances the flavour. Remember too much ice kills flavour.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

A captivating blend of Speyside malts and Highland whiskies, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is well appreciated for its decadence. As you open the bottle, alluring fragrances of honey and wood are discovered and one sip reveals blended layers of tropical fruit and creamy vanilla flavours. To capture the aromas of the whiskey, use a high-quality curved glass and if you haven’t got whisky glasses to taste, a wine glass can be used too.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker’s most significant blended whisky is the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is made of premium and rarest old-aged malt and grain whiskies and best known for its multi-layered palate and remarkably smooth finish. On the palate, a silky mix of honey, vanilla and rose petals gives way to a zesty citrus freshness, before hints of sherry, dark chocolate and hazelnut shine through. Finishing with Johnnie Walker’s well-known trademark smokiness and smoothness, it sets the tone for the masterpiece. Due to its elegance, it is commonly enjoyed during special occasions, but the Johnnie Walker Blue label is quite versatile and is a pleasant addition to cocktails

Nosing and savouring whisky is essential because your palette can pick up four or five flavours, whereas your nose can pick up hundreds. To start with, nose the whisky gently because unlike wine, this is distilled and over 40 per cent making it easy to overpower your senses.


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