This Halloween, dress up as your favourite DC Superhero!

DC comics have been around since the 1930s and the brand, with its amazing characters and incredible storylines, continues to mesmerise and excite fans of all ages, children especially! DC characters have grown a large following of fans the world over and South Africa is no exception.

Now fans can dress up as their favourite DC Superhero character and go trick or treating!

Children can flex some muscle power with DC Classic Costumes available as Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Superman, Harley Quinn and more. The DC Classic Costumes are ideal for older kids as they come in small, medium and large for the perfect fit! RSP: R499.99 available at toy stores and retailers.

The DC Party time costumes are perfect for children aged 3 to 6. Each outfit includes a shirt plus a head band or mask, depending on the superhero, and provides the opportunity for children to play as their favourite superhero. RSP: R169.99 available at toy stores and retailers.


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