Durban’s based Kotin Communication announces a collaborate with – The 4th Annual Miss Heritage South Africa 2018

Kotin Communication owned by Durban’s very own DJ, DJ Kotin is proud to announce a collaboration with this year’s Miss Heritage South Africa.
This year’s marks four years since the inception of this prestigious celebration. Miss Heritage South Africa is more than just a pageant, it’s a celebration and platform that aims to promote and pay respect to South Africa’s diversity in culture. This annual South African platform was founded in 2014 and it aims to empower the youth in become ambassadors of their heritage and advocates of their identity.
“As a South African based company, we are very proud to be part of such an important initiative. One that seeks to re-educate and re-emphasize the importance of Heritage in our country, especially amongst young people as means to create awareness around the importance of a colourful nation, driving understanding on issues of individuality in a society full of diversity. The beauty of our country stems from our culture – which drives our creativity in the entertainment space, aiding us to tell our stories through our unique music”, says DJ Kotin, CEO of Kotin Communication.
“Miss Heritage South Africa is a non-profit organisation that seeks to educate and highlight the significance of Heritage in our country. We are very excited as an organisation, to be able to provide such a platform to these amazing ladies, it has been absolutely fulfilling – we wish the ladies all the best for Saturday evening. I’d also like to take this opportunity to honour all our sponsors – we are grateful for their incredible support” says Ms. Palesa Ramoshebi Mtjale, CEO of the Miss Heritage SA Organisation.
This year’s crowning event will take place on the 20th October 2018 in Mangaung, Free States.
Kotin also currently owns a successful restaurant in Durban called Nkonzo’s Kitchen which serves African cuisine.
For more information about Miss Heritage SA, please visit their social media pages:
Twitter: @sa_missheritage
Instagram: @missheritagesa_int

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