The Local Gin Guide: ClemenGold Gin

The ClemenGold Gin is one of a few South African hand gin using an age-old recipe. A classic, Cape dry style of gin, that is very smooth with subtle hints of citrus, complementing almond and cinnamon.


What makes the ClemenGold gin unique?

ClemenGold is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic (and easy to peel & virtually seedless) soft citrus fruit that is sun-ripened and handpicked by selected mandarin growers from across the world. In South Africa, it is grown in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the Southern and Western Cape. The essence of sunshine that this fruit imparts to this cosmopolitan gin is headily aromatic.


What flavour profiles does it have?

Nine botanicals – with sundried ClemenGold peels taking the flavour lead – are used when distilling this handcrafted gin.  ClemenGold and orange peel, cinnamon, honey, ground almond, juniper berries, angelica and orris root, and coriander are macerated and vapor-infused to bring gin aficionados this smooth Classic Cape Dry style gin with subtle hints of citrus.


Best mixer?

ClemenGold can be best enjoyed as a classic G&T with a quality tonic | served on ice with a twist of ClemenGold or another citrus, or a cinnamon stick or sprig of thyme | excellent for use in a variety of cocktails.


Where is ClemenGold gin distilled?

Hope on Hopkins Distillery, in the heart of the Mother City, creates ClemenGold Gin using the age-old process of small-batch distillation with their two faithful stills, Mildred and Maude. Leigh and Lucy are true gin guru’s and we trust them with our brand and the consistency of our product.


Where is ClemenGold gin sold and price range?

ClemenGold Gin is available from Macro, Pick n Pay Family Stores, Spar TOPS, Liquor City and other independent liquor stores and bars. Also available for sale and It retails from R320 per 500ml

CG Gin tray

Quick Recipe using ClemenGold gin?

Bees Knees: 40ml ClemenGold Gin, 20ml Lemon Juice, 20ml Honey served short in coupe glass. Orange or ClemenGold peel for garnish


Elderflower Collins: 40ml ClemenGold Gin, 15ml Lemon Juice, 10ml Elderflower Syrup, Soda water to finish served tall in a highball. Decorate with a sprig of Thyme or whatever is your favourite herb.


ClemenGold Grapefruit Gimlet: 40ml ClemenGold Gin, 20ml Thyme Sugar Syrup, 15ml Lemon Juice and Grapefruit juice served in a tumbler. Sage leaf for garnish.


The Guide  Rating: 

  • Taste – 7/10
  • Uniqueness – 7/10 
  • Presentation of the bottle – 9/10 

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