Lucia Mthiyane and The Lazy Makoti the new NOLA Mayonnaise Ambassadors

NOLA Mayonnaise has finally announced the brand ambassadors for its #CreateAStir campaign for 2018/2019. Chef Lucia Mthiyane and Chef Mogau Seshoene, better known as the Lazy Makoti, have been identified as the two ambassadors.

Mthiyane and Seshoene are excited about the opportunity to share the love and passion they have for cooking. They have left their 09:00 to 17:00 stable jobs in order to focus solely on doing what they love and share their delectable new recipes with you.


Previously a teacher before shifting her focus to acting, singing and now cooking, Mthiyane has been cooking for the past ten years. She got her talent for cooking from her family, as everyone in her family loves making magic in the kitchen. That is when she decided to turn her passion into a career and eventually, a business that she is currently running.

The Lazy Makoti

Seshoene also quit her job four years ago to follow her passion. She started out by teaching individuals cooking skills and when the demand for lessons surpassed what she could handle, she decided to quit her job to focus entirely on what she does best. A few years later, she is now one of the best celebrity chefs in South Africa.

“We are excited about this partnership, as we have been watching both the chefs’ journeys and the skills they have developed to date. Both chefs have the ability to #CreateAStir with NOLA by adding a fresh twist to a simple traditional dish. They have literally taken ownership of any food moment, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner and through their passion for food and with Nola’s creamier texture; will be able to #CreateAStir this Summer,” says Nelia Nieuwoudt, NOLA Brand Manager.

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