Prima’s Top Toys for Festive Season 2018

The Festive Season is around the corner. And this year, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will not only be spoilt for choice, they’ll probably remember some of the toys from their own childhood. Nostalgia toys continue to make a serious comeback, together with collectibles and toys that incorporate robotics and technology. This Festive Season there is something for everyone and for all ages from toddler to tween to teenager. There is also a wide range of classic and new games that adults can enjoy.


The theme for 2018 is Let them explore. It’s about letting children enjoy and explore their world through play. It’s about giving them the opportunity to discover new things, new play patterns, new technology and more. With the array of toys that will be available in stores from now until the end of the year, children of all ages will have the opportunity and the excitement of exploring new ranges.

27312 - Ben 10 Omni Launcher with 2 fig

So let’s talk a little about what’s HOT right now;

  • L.O.L. is the talk of the town, the best-selling girl’s toy by far this year internationally as well as locally and the product responsible for placing MGA firmly in 3rd place in terms of the world’s largest toy companies. This new play pattern explores the world of ‘unboxing’ and the surprise elements, as you find a secret surprise hidden under each of the 7 layers you need to unwrap. It is almost more exciting to open the toy than it is playing with it!
  • Shopkins remains one of the largest collectibles brands. Collectables is still one of the largest play categories and retailers both love it and hate it. Because they love the feet it brings to the stores, but as the prices are generally quite low, they have to sell a great number of units to justify the shelf or floor space it gets in store. Shopkins will launch season 10 towards the end of the year and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down!
  • When it comes to boys, figurines and vehicles are still at the order of the day. Boys are generally less complicated creatures… Ben 10 and Power Rangers are the two best selling figurine ranges, with Stretch the new entry that has everyone talking. Bburago and metals are the boys collectables.
  • The exciting introduction of the new party dress up, giving us an entry level price point into this category. Dress up and role play are key components of early learning, promoting imaginary play.
  • Then of course it is Mickey’s 90th birthday in November, so be on the look out for a very exciting range of plush toys.

70261- VTECH Sing Along Microphone

This season there really is something for everyone! For more information, go to


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