Tips to keep you safe during the biggest soccer event

Whether you’re going to be travelling to enjoy the matches in person, or watching from home, soccer fans should be on the lookout for foul play on and off the pitch.


Just as you’ve been looking forward to the biggest soccer event, so have scammers. This exciting time could prove a breeding ground for hackers seeking to con unsuspecting fans out of their hard-earned cash.


“With so much excitement around the world, people need to be on the lookout for everything from fake ticketing scams to shady livestreams that can pinch their personal details through the fraudsters gaining access to credit card details or login credentials, using various methods,” says Wynand van Vuuren, spokesperson for King Price.


With the competition in full swing, Wynand takes us through some of the famous scams from 2014 that may make a comeback.


If it’s too good to be true… Who doesn’t like a good deal? You want to attend a highly anticipated match, but tickets are sold out. Naturally, you turn to the Internet and find a potential ‘in’. 1 common hook will be unbelievably low prices. Anything from cheap match tickets, ticket-inclusive hospitality packages, accommodation, and flights… These ‘bargains’ are typically sold via fraudulent emails or social media posts.


You’re a winner! Fraudsters will go as far as impersonating event sponsors and partners such as Visa or Coca-Cola, to send messages to congratulate you on your ‘win’. In order for your ‘prize’ to be released, they will ask for your personal details. Don’t fall for it.


On the go. Attackers may also gain access to your personal data when you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Even the use of a legitimate public Wi-Fi network isn’t safe unless the connection is secure.


Nothing for mahala. As the event began, scams began circulating on social networks that claim to offer free live streams of various matches, especially the final games. These scams may ask you to fill out a survey or download and install software before you can unlock access to the live stream. These enticements are just tricks to put money into the pockets of the scammers.

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