From Bullied school kid to Fitness Entrepreneur #UnbreakableS2

Bill Siziba, who grew up in Benoni, the East of Johannesburg was the only overweight child out of his siblings. And as encounters in primary school went from verbal to physically violent, he had nowhere to turn to but fitness as the only way to defend himself legally.

A couple of years later, this became less about defending himself and more about setting life goals. Bill’s lifestyle change resonated with other people as interest grew towards his workout strategies, dress-code and positive outlook. This is when one would say he had an epiphany and saw a business opportunity. That’s how Bullyz Fitness came about.

Bullyz Fitness is a reflection of Bill’s fitness journey from that of the kid on the school ground to a successful health and fitness company. Like most start-ups in South Africa, the main challenge with growth is attaining the necessary funding to move to the next stage. Bill funded the launch of Bullyz Fitness from his own pocket in his honour’s year at university – at the dawn of the “Fees must Fall” movement. The business has since helped him make extra money for, not only himself, but other students in financial need, too.

Today, Bullyz Fitness runs its own supplement and fitness shop through a mobile and online store, and they are in the process of building their first gym in Benoni.

“When I started the business, I had no idea that it would actually be a success. We’re working very hard to encourage fitness and a healthy lifestyle in the East Rand, and with the gym opening soon, we’ll achieve our goal,” says Bill Siziba, founder of Bullyz Fitness.

To continue to build on his successes, Bill has entered “The Unbreakable Season 2” a CAN DO! competition powered by Nampak Bevcan.

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