Looking down at your watch, waiting for the minutes (but what seems like hours) of your meeting to pass by? Wanting a reason to spice things up at the office a little? We have just the solution for you! You’ve always been told that 9 – 5 is for serious stuff… but is it really? April is International Fun At Work Month, and we want to help you make the most of it.
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What can you do to celebrate International Fun At Work Month and inject that extra flavour into your office space? You don’t have to go completely ‘CRAY-CRAY[1]’ – the little things can be huge fun. Why not take this month-long opportunity to release your inner fashionista[2], partake in some office-based mischief[3], select a day where the office designates an in-house DJ[4], or go all out and install a permanent M&M’S® dispenser at your desk (who is the favourite employee now Susan?).

For those working in an office environment that’s a little more serious than the average working space,[5] you can still have some flavourful fun just by keeping a bag ofM&M’S® in your pocket – so you can pop a little bit of YUM-THIS-IS-DELICIOUSLY-FUN-BECAUSE-IT’S-A-TOTES-SNEAKY-MOMENT piece of heaven into your mouth at any time* (*Don’t hashtag, it’s too much of a moment!). Whether you share or not is totally up to you.

Now if you’re keen to have some serious fun this month, we suggest sharing this article with your boss via email, and getting them to sign the statement below.

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