Five Ways to Awaken your Senses in the Morning

Your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day. While everyone’s morning routine is different and unique, we all share a sense of ritual; each person has morning customs, habits and set methods for completing daily tasks before heading out the door. As our lives are defined by a sense of urgency – rushing to get to work, to school, to appointments, to achieve our goals – ensuring that you have a productive and relaxing morning mitigates the manic and sets you up for the day ahead. Here are five ways to awaken your senses in the morning to start your day on a high note.


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee


The most common, yet most often dramatically different, ritual we perform each day is the Morning Coffee. Whether your morning coffee consists of sitting at your dresser doing your makeup, grabbing a Nespresso​ travel mug full of your favourite brew, sharing a leisurely breakfast with your loved one or meeting friends at the local coffee shop, the ritual itself is as important as the beverage. It grounds us and solidifies a primal connection we need to have with ourselves, for within that ritual, we are the master. We have the power, and we control the outcome. There is pleasure and connection with what is important to us in our coffee moments. Our coffee may be vastly different, but the feeling is the same. In the hustle-bustle of your morning routine, the ease and convenience of a Nespresso Lattissima One​ machine mean that you can make that perfect cup of coffee, just the way you like it. So take a moment to stop, smell the coffee and make the day matter.


See the Brighter Side In the morning


we are more inclined to be in a level of brain activity – the alpha level – that is most powerful for shaping our moods and our reality. This is directly related to what we are visually stimulated by. Before you spring out of bed, take a couple of minutes to watch something or read something that makes you feel good to get those happy hormones flowing. Further to this, light does wonders to lift our moods. Yank those curtain open and treat yourself to some sunshine before stepping out.


Listen to Music


There’s no better way to stimulate your mind in the morning – without exhausting it back to sleep – than by listening to music. Even ambient noise is proven to increase creativity and productivity. Curate a morning motivation playlist of your favourite upbeat songs to improve your mood, boost your happiness and get you going. Pyjama dancing and hairbrush-singing is optional.


Tantalise your Tastebuds


Take the time to really taste your breakfast or morning coffee, no matter what your morning is like. Depending on how you like your morning, Nespresso​ has a coffee for every occasion. If you like it short and straightforward, grab a confident, intensely dark-roasted Arpeggio espresso for your caffeine kick. If sweet and indulgent is more of your thing, make a smooth morning cappuccino with the sweet, biscuity Volluto​. Whichever way you like it, make your morning laid back and simple with a Nespresso Lattissima One ​machine.


Feel Refreshed


The best way to invigorate your senses in the mornings is by taking a nice, hot shower. Jumping in the shower has a way of shocking your system and getting your circulation going. If you don’t have the time for a full wash, at the very least give your face a thorough clean and finish off with a splash of cold water. You’ll look and feel more awake and refreshed than you would if you’d just rolled out of bed.


Happiness is definitely a habit. By incorporating these five steps into your getting-ready ritual, you have the opportunity to make the most of your mornings and maximise your mood for the rest of the day. Depending on how you like your mornings, Nespresso​ offers a range of machines and capsules to suit any palate to ensure that your morning routine is effortless, easy and, most of all, enjoyable.


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