Ever wondered what would happen if two leading brands in two different fields ever collided? That was the question we asked ourselves last week Wednesday when we received an invite to an event hosted by leading appliance and technology company Defy. The invite was very ambiguous to mention the least and somehow that helped fuel more curiosity and excitement because it featured some of FC Barcelonan players. Of course, you would also be curious to see what is happening, and we were not about to die from FOMO.


We put on our best foot forward and made our way to Soccer City stadium which served as the venue for the event, Fancy right? As we made our way into the venue we were welcomed with this beautiful yet futuristic set-up and a welcome cocktail that helped us easily digest the elegance that we were not prepared for. The Defy PR team escorted us inside the venue and we sat quickly, whilst slowly sipping on our cocktails and creating a conversation with our seatmates just to kill time. Like any event, it’s expected that the show will run slowly behind time, but the open bar sure kept us entertained.


We settled in perfectly but that was not enough, we are bloggers after all and we pride ourselves on providing our readers with the exclusive scoop, best believe we started snooping around. While we were snooping we noticed that Defy had their latest products that we haven’t been launched in stores yet. Best believe when we say when it comes to innovation, you can always rely upon Defy to always be ahead. They had the latest fridges, stoves, fans on display for guests who managed to score an invite to the exclusive event to try it out and witness first hand. The envy almost got the best of us.


While we busy minding our own business we couldn’t help spot a familiar face in the crowd, everyone’s MCM Jimmy Tau was sitting comfortably in a well-fitted tuxedo doing media interviews and taking pictures with fans and media. The moment he was no longer swamped with media and fans we made our way to him to get the scoop, we don’t waste time, maybe he knew something we didn’t know. Going up to him actually proved to be beneficial to us, because we got it from the horse’s mouth, Jimmy has partnered with Defy to help find local and young soccer talent in three provinces Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng. The kids will be offered mentorship by non-other than gym himself, from the teams only three talented and deserving kids will get an opportunity to join Jimmy as he jets of to Spain to watch FC Barcelona playing live.

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So it turns out Becko (Defy’s sister company) is now the official appliance sponsor for FC Barcelona. “This regional partnership is a great fit for us,” says DEFY’s Head of Marketing, Cherisse Erwee. “Not only are we both number one brands, but like FC Barcelona we’re always striving for better and better innovations.” As official regional partners of FC Barcelona, DEFY will be making the most of the club’s global appeal. This regional partnership was borne from the very successful partnership that Beko, DEFY’s sister company, that was forged several years ago. Now, DEFY is set to build on that partnership, putting a uniquely African spin on this collaboration. As such, the partnership offers many exciting opportunities for local initiatives. DEFY is bringing on board several local personalities and influencers to spread these two brand’s shared ethos, uplifting local communities through sport, and building on the well-known DEFY name.


DEFY has always been a pioneer in the large appliance market, and this partnership paves the way for the exciting technological innovations that DEFY is bringing to market in 2018. These launches will include DEFY’s trend-setting ranges of cooling, cooking and laundry products, centered around energy efficiency, eco-consciousness, sustainability, and convenience. Here are some of the products that DEFY will be launching this year. Keep an eye out for some of the incredible and innovative products that Defy will be launching this year.


Thank you to the wonderful team for hosting us.

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