Cyla Gonsolves’ Inspired Stationery Line Hits CNA Stores!

A young creative who had a dream is the newest member to the CNA family, with the launch of her fashion stationery line that is available in store now. This follows her win on the ‘CNA Design Challenge’ seen on one of the most thrilling episodes of the local reality TV show, The Intern by David Tlale.

CNA’s brand essence came to life through the Inspiration Bar, put in place to inspire designers to create high-end fashion ensembles using nothing but CNA stationery. Cyla Gonsolves raised the bar by giving way to the title – ‘Colourful and Creative’ enthused by her use of a beautiful paper rolling technique called quilling on her garment.

Cyla Gonsolves is a 22-year-old proudly South African designer who prides herself on being unique and creative in her designs and shares that her designs speak to her individual style. When asked what inspires her designs, Gonsolves said, ‘My alter ego: I mostly do self-expression ranges, where you can see my personality coming through or even the more serious side of me that targets social awareness, like feminism.’

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