Goldfields Head Chef, Sbusiso Dladla, is a culinary whizz



Sibusiso Dladla has made a name for himself as Head Chef at Goldfields Casino in Welkom. He turned what was once a hobby, into a successful career, by sheer hard work, dedication and his love for working with food.  Dladla’s dream of working in finance took a complete 360-degree turn when his passion for the culinary world outweighed the dream of becoming an accountant.


In the demanding world of a hotel kitchen, a typical day starts with a meeting of minds with his staff as he motivates and encourages them.  He stresses the importance of having a vision, hard work and patience “because everything starts somewhere and the sky is the limit” – his advice to all aspiring chefs too.


Sibusiso strives to exceed the expectations of his clients by providing them with “professional service excellence” and to foster relationships.  After a satisfying hard day’s work, the rewarding part of his day is “knocking off and going home, knowing that all your guests are happy and satisfied”, he says.


This humble chef, who counts Chef Markus Banziger from Switzerland as his mentor, takes great pride in serving up “exotic” meals which leaves “our clients overwhelmed and satisfied”. He recommends their Surf & Turf and Rib and Wing Combo.


Sibusiso has not limited his “sky’s the limit” dreams to the South African culinary world only.  He would like to experience the joys of the bustling hospitality and tourism industry which Singapore and Dubai has to offer.   The ultimate would be to one day cook for the queen of daytime television and billionaire, Oprah Winfrey.


In spite of all the glitz and glamour that surrounds him daily, this chef, whose unbridled amount of dreams (which includes eating oysters in France), loves going home and cook for his endearing wife and family.


To get a taste of Chef Dladla’s culinary delights, visit Goldfields Casino.  For more information, go to

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