New Stimorol TV Commercial Takes Us Behind The Scnes

One word to describe the commercial’s director Fausto Becatti is PASSIONATE.


He is known for his amazing skill at pairing striking cinematic visuals with emotive music to deliver pictures that pulse to a beat.

You’ll have seen his work on a number of gritty music videos and clients like Nike, Jetson Belle and Hellfire Whisky. He lives for filmmaking, photography, music, travel and adventure. When he’s not directing, Fausto’s other passion, photography, has seen him build up a formidable portfolio of stills – exhibited and sold in galleries and showcased online.


Meet Sinenhlanhla ‘Sne’ Mbatha. The Durban-born who has enough passion, determination and energy to light up any room she enters.

Sne Mbatha1

She is a highly enthusiastic Hip Hop choreographer/ dancer, who diversified her skill set to include Modern, Acrobatics, House and Tap dancing. Sne has choreographed and opened for major local and international events such as the MTV Base Awards, Glo CAF Awards, Kendrick Lamar, Metro and the South African Music Awards – and the list goes on.


With Stimorol’s new ‘Enjoy Every Chew’ campaign, every moment of your day is something to celebrate. To illustrate this new brand messaging, a cool NEW Stimorol TV Commercial hit the screens nationwide last month with a simple focus: chewing gum is fun!


Within this NEW commercial you find young and talented #lit individuals across the country. To ensure the Stimorol audience enjoy every detail of this commercial, Stimorol takes a look behind the scenes at the passionate creatives responsible for the look, beats, moves and style. These behind the scenes interviews will be released on the Stimorol Facebook page. Be sure not to miss the first video out now.


“So much of our day is taken up by things we HAVE to do – so we wanted to celebrate the fact that chewing a piece of Stimorol gum is something you can do for pure enjoyment. The talented team behind the ‘Enjoy Every Chew’ commercial really showcase how Stimorol enhances every moment. I hope this content inspires Stimorol fans, like it did me.”


To view the Stimorol TV commercial and Behind-The-Scenes interviews, visit the Stimorol SA Facebook page.


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