The newly relaunched Kleenex® range is sure to add a touch of positivity to your life

What is always there for you, is able to clean up tears, everyday sniffles and messes? The answer, very simply is tissues.  Tissues are generally in the corner of the room, sitting on the bedside table, on the bathroom cabinet and even in your handbag always ready and waiting to lend a hand and bring in that extra softness and comfort. The newly relaunched Kleenex® range not only brings you gentle softness and comfort but the bright, bold, new pack designs are sure to add a touch of fun and positivity to every room.

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With the trusted quality that you expect from Kleenex®, the new look and feel of the range is designed to fit into your everyday moments bringing in a touch that transforms you. The Kleenex® Everyday 2 ply tissue not only has a new look but has been perfectly designed for that everyday sniff, smear and sneeze while the Kleenex® Original 3 ply tissue is luxurious and strong. Kleenex® has also relaunched the Expressions 3ply range which sees an array of bright and exciting colours and patterns.

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“Over many decades, Kleenex® has lived up to its promise to constantly innovate, and with the relaunch of the new range we want to inspire consumers to look at tissues as an everyday essential. We want consumers to incorporate Kleenex® seamlessly into their everyday living, style and decor,” says Zodidi Masilela, Brand Manager within the Family Care category at Kimberly-Clark.

So, keep a lookout for the bold, bright and new Kleenex® range and add a touch of positivity to any room in your home. The new Kleenex® range can be found in all major retailers nationwide at a RSP of R24.99 on box and cube offerings; R23.99 on pocket packs and R10.99 on softpack.

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