Create a Stir this Summer with NOLA Mayonnaise

Be inspired this summer with the creamy texture of NOLA Mayonnaise, taking any dish from bland to creamy deliciousness without overpowering any of its ingredients. By adding a fresh and unique twist to the meals you love, South Africa’s much-loved mayonnaise brand will help you #CreateAStir by enhancing the flavour of your culinary creations with its creamy texture and delicious versatility.

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A Braai with a Twist

No braai is complete without a Chicken Sosati and even this South African staple can be transformed with a dollop of NOLA Mayonnaise. Simply mix it with a tablespoon of curry powder and a handful of finely chopped apricots, and you will be sure to #CreateAStir as your guests make use of it as a dip for their perfectly cooked kebabs.


Creamy but Healthy

Be inspired to add a unique twist to the next salad you make by placing parboiled cauliflower, broccoli and cubed cheese blocks into a bowl. Blend a cup of creamy NOLA Mayonnaise with a quarter cup of Sweet Chili Sauce, salt, pepper and finely chopped chillies and you have a creamy yet healthy dressing for your salad that will #CreateAStir.


Decadent Dips

No summer gathering is complete without a decadent dip, so why not mix together finely chopped Peppadews, red pepper, fresh lime juice and coriander with one-and-a-half cups of NOLA Mayonnaise for a party starter that is sure to get everyone’s taste buds going. Add pita bread triangles and some fresh veggies and you’ll create a little extra stir for your hungry guests.


This summer, make sure you call on NOLA Mayonnaise to #CreateAStir. Its creamy texture and delicious versatility inspires new ways with food that will leave your friends and family wanting more.


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