The Jameson Music Video Grant Presents Impepho

The Jameson family motto – Sine Metu – means “without fear”, which is why we’ve always sided with the ones who aren’t afraid to put their ideas out into the world. We decided to put our money where our mouth is, and launched The Jameson Music Video Grant. This project challenges local directors to submit an original music video concept. The most authentic, most fearless idea wins R200K to film their music video.


This year’s Jameson Music Video Grant winner is director Carl Houston Mc Millan. His concept was inspired by Impepho, a high-energy track created through cross-continental collaboration. Impepho features musicians Morena Leraba from Lesotho and Mankind from Johannesburg.


The music video for Impepho was filmed on location in Lesotho. Impepho was shot over three days in and around the rural village of Semonkong. A passionate and tireless crew braved sub-zero temperatures to capture shots of this insanely textured world – a Lesotho very few people ever get to see.


We’re extremely excited, and proud, to share the result of this year’s Jameson Music Video Grant: an unexpected and authentic ode to Basotho shepherd culture.


Feast your eyes on the music video for Impepho:

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