·       Cultural beliefs and poor knowledge of the consequences of obesity lulls many parents into inaction. Yet, new figures from the World Obesity Federation estimate that by 2025, 3.91 million South African school children will be overweight or obese. This will result in 123 000 children with impaired glucose tolerance, 68 000 with overt diabetes, 460 000 with high blood pressure, and 637 000 with first stage fatty liver disease.[1]

·       People who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less[2], while preparing homemade food brings families and people together, enhancing relationships and building healthy routines for life.

·       Philips kitchen appliances make preparing nourishing, but tasty meals at home easier, helping everyone to have a balanced and nutritious diet.

·       The latest generation of its industry leading Airfryer creates great tasting fried food with up to 80% less fat,* to cook healthy nutritious food.

Royal Philips global leader in health technology and proud partner of the World Heart Federation (WHF), is calling for people to act now to take control of their own health this World Heart Day – an annual initiative that raises awareness of heart disease and its associated risks. Whilst we’re increasingly aware of rising levels of heart disease, few realise that in South Africa one in every five deaths are caused by heart diseases and strokes, totaling nearly 82 000 lives lost annually[3].


Not just a disease that affects the old, globally 1 in 10 people aged 30 – 70 die from cardiovascular disease[4]. In part, this is because our modern lifestyles mean we’re consuming higher calorie foods, fats, sugar and salt. This contributes to the major risk factors for heart disease – such as higher blood pressure, raised blood sugar, raised blood fats and obesity. However, simple behavioral changes such as eating more fresh food, and taking ownership of our own health, can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease.


“During the last century the profound changes to our diets and physical activity, have contributed to the epidemic of cardiovascular disease which is the biggest killer worldwide. Eating well by reducing fats, increasing intake of fruit and vegetables, and reducing the amount of processed, prepackaged and sugary food and drink in the diet is just one simple way to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke,” said Professor David Wood, President, World Heart Federation.


It’s clearly more important than ever for us to watch what we eat; but the temptation to indulge in some foods is hard to resist, and this can have a serious effect on our weight and in turn our heart health.


“We believe that food and drink are the building blocks of a healthy life; but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to enjoy the delicious foods that we love. Homemade food has the power to nourish like nothing else, giving us control over the ingredients we use and therefore the quality of the meal,” says Lucy Jones, Head of Marketing, Personal Health at Philips Africa. “What is more, cooking and eating homemade food brings families and people together, enhancing relationships and building healthy routines for life.”


There is currently an innate tension between enjoying the food South Africans eat, and a healthy, nutritious diet. In response, Philips is launching the new Philips Viva Collection Airfryer TurboStar, to inspire home cooked goodness by making healthy nutrition pleasurable.


With this next generation Airfryer TurboStar, it’s now even easier to prepare the food you love in a healthier way, without compromising on taste. Mimicking the properties of a turbine to improve air flow circulation, the appliance’s new TurboStar technology swirls hot air continuously throughout the whole cooking chamber, resulting in more homogenous heat distribution and more evenly cooked food.


Research shows that 82% of people are looking to purchase an appliance that helps them to prepare healthy meals, such as an Airfryer[5]. Now industry leading, over 8 million Philips Airfryers have been sold globally since its launch [6] – the equivalent of two Airfryers sold every minute globally[7] – helping everyone to prepare tasty, but healthier food at home, with little to no oil.


In addition, 80% of people still don’t get their recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables[8] – something that has become increasingly difficult with a busy lifestyle. The Philips range of juicers and blenders have been developed to be a fast and easy way to get a full day’s worth of nutrients. Featuring innovative technology, they are able to release nutrients from ingredients that can then be consumed at home or on the go.


“We are convinced there is always a way to make life better, and we are committed to creating solutions that enable healthy cooking and eating habits – while respecting the desire of consumers not to compromise on taste. Our commitment to make difficult, nutritional decisions to become delightful choices that are pleasurable, is empowering everyone to enjoy the longer-term health benefits of homemade food, such as a reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese and developing heart disease,” says Jones.


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