Zuko Discovers the True Meaning of Sharing Away from the Clicks, Likes and Double Taps of Social Media

While double-tapping a perfect photo, placing a flattering filter over a moment and securing an admirable number of ‘likes’ online is certainly gratifying, can it really compare to the warmth and generosity of human interaction in the real world? Experts agree that while social media may have its place, it is no substitute for the joy of sharing generously of one’s time and attention.

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Mugg & Bean is a brand known for giving more, evidenced by their giant muffins and slices of cake, their bottomless coffee and hot chocolate and unhurried, relaxed atmosphere. This season, they are on a mission to bring the real meaning of sharing and generosity back to our everyday lives. “In today’s digital era, the very definition of sharing is becoming lost in the clutter of ‘likes’, filters and perfect camera angles,” says Mugg & Bean Marketing Executive, Jacquie Schultz.

As patrons of Mugg & Bean well know, the simple act of meeting over a bottomless cup of coffee or an indulgent meal invites meaningful conversation, whether it’s between friends, family or business associates – people being generous with their time, sharing real face-to-face connection. This generosity is something aspiring musician Zuko discovered first-hand, when the brand’s marketing team staged a birthday surprise, which realised the true sentiment of birthday wishes her friends sent her for her birthday.


By secretly bringing her family and friends together so they could surprise her and wish her in person while she was on, what she thought was, a normal Mugg & Bean commercial shoot, Zuko experienced the power of true generosity of spirit and sharing. “The rush of warmth I felt when my family arrived in-person to wish me happy birthday cannot be described. I hadn’t seen them for many months and I had to pinch myself to believe this experience was real,” says Zuko.


“When we engage with social media it’s very easy to think that we are maintaining our connection with our loved ones, but the fact of the matter remains that we are simply keeping tabs on them. By ‘liking’ or even ‘loving’ their posts we are not actually engaging with our friends. For me there is nothing like face-to-face human interaction,” adds Zuko.


The poignant moment was captured and turned into a television commercial to convey the importance of reconnecting people in the real world. To further support the local flavour of the advertisement, local award-winning artists, Majozi and Tresor’s latest track The Woods was used as the catchy tune.


“At Mugg & Bean we’re passionate about bringing back the kind of sharing that shows the real meaning of sharing and generosity, which leaves the world feeling more wonderful,” concludes Schultz.


It would seem that Mugg & Bean certainly has a point. Perhaps it is time to welcome a touch of real sharing back into our daily lives. Be part of the movement and #ShareGenerous, so that together with Mugg & Bean, we bring back the true meaning of sharing!

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