2017 Corona Open J-Bay at the forefront of the fight to protect our Oceans

The Corona x Parley partnership reinforces its commitment to protect the oceans by bringing Parley for the Oceans’ AIR Strategy (Avoid; Intercept; Redesign plastic) to end marine plastic pollution into one of Corona’s main global partnerships: the World Surf League (WSL). Corona and Parley for the Oceans are working together to apply this thinking to the event and are developing several initiatives to reduce the plastic footprint of the Corona Open J-Bay event, educate surfers and audiences about the need to develop more responsible behaviors when it comes to single-use plastic, and raise global awareness of this issue.


These actions are part of the long-term partnership between Corona and Parley for the Oceans, announced in May 2017. The partnership kicked off with a commitment to protect 100 islands around the world against marine plastic pollution by 2020. As part of this joint mission, Corona is also implementing a plastic conscious philosophy across all aspects of the brand by adopting the Parley AIR Strategy, which also includes reducing the use of plastic at all brand activations and events.


The Corona J-Bay is the first WSL event to integrate the Parley AIR Strategy; realized through meaningful initiatives taking place during the event, including:


  • Avoiding the use of plastic whenever possible: no plastic bottles, cutlery or bags will be made available on site; glass bottles, wooden cutlery and Corona x Parley tote bags will be provided instead.


  • The partners will release a new video featuring  brand ambassadors and professional surfers Matt Wilkinson, Jordy Smith, Johanne Defay and Roman Navarro.


  • An on-site Corona x Parley pavilion will serve as an education hub about topics such as marine plastic pollution, Parley’s AIR Strategy as well as the Corona x Parley partnership.


  • Attendees will be invited to learn about the Parley AIR Strategy and take a pledge to join the movement and commit to avoid single-use plastic in their daily lives. In return, pledgers will receive a complimentary Corona x Parley tote bag screen-printed on site, as well as a chance to take away a hand-shaped surfboard.


  • Parley Talks will take place at Casa Corona featuring two big wave surfers; Parley Ambassador Greg Long and Corona Ambassador Ramon Navarro. Details of the event will be shared on site. Long and Navarro will also join the event broadcast team to help inform and educate the global WSL audience of the Corona x Parley partnership and the problems caused by ocean plastic.

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