Breakfast is an important meal of the day, but it can be difficult to find a meal that is the right combination of taste and convenience within a balanced diet. BAKERS® found the magic blend with its Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™ in 2014, and is now adding a scrumptious Peach & Apricot flavour to the range.

“Peach & Apricot joins the Milk & Cereals, Chocolate and Mixed Berries flavours in the breakfast biscuits family and, like its predecessors, guarantees the finest ingredients high in energy and rich in fiber without taking away from the palate-pleasing taste,” says Janine Ho-Lin, Senior Brand Manager for BAKERS® Sweet Biscuits.


BAKERS Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™ are extremely versatile: you can simply pop a pack into your bag as you run out the door in the morning, and they have the potential to make your breakfast so much more than just your first meal of the day.

You could, for instance, try the simple but lip-smacking and oh-so-sophisticated looking Peach & Apricot Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™ Parfait. All you’ll need is your trusty Peach & Apricot BAKERS Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™, a fresh peach and/or apricot and natural Greek yoghurt. The only ‘hard work’ you’ll have to do with this recipe is cutting the fresh fruit into bite-sized pieces; once you’ve done that, you can simply layer the fruit and yoghurt alternately. You can then either crumble the biscuit over the top for added crunch or dip it into the parfait.

“For well over 165 years, BAKERS® has kept its magic alive by understanding our customers’ love for biscuits, which is why we decided to give them another mouthwatering flavour in our Good Morning Breakfast Biscuits™ range,” concludes Ho-Lin.

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