The master of live performances Tobias (Ostgut Ton, Non Standard Productions) is making his way to South Africa. The Berlin-based legend has been making his name in the industry since 1980, and now, he will be performing at AND CLUB and ERA as he tours South Africa with Ostgut Ton and TOYTOY to promote newly released album “Eyes in the Centre”. Get ready to experience music like you never have before! We are giving away 5 double tickets to witness the spectacular show.

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How does one achieve to become a mainstay in a scene as temporary as electronic music? In the case of Tobias., gathering encyclopedic knowledge through the years about music ranging from Post Punk to Stockhausen and all points in between (and much beyond). His works are so original and individual that they have become a part of said knowledge themselves. Nobody else sounds like him, he owns his sound.
Certainly, it might help if you know what you are doing in terms of creating music. He worked as engineer in the high-end studio of German producer legend Frank Farian for many years, getting to know everything on the mixing desk you could tweak. And he gathered more analogue hardware than others have plugins installed, and got to know it as well. And when he felt he was ready to become an artist himself, he knew exactly what to do with the ideas he had in mind, and thus his music made an impact right from the very start. Transferring his overground work into underground output, his aliases since the early nineties read like an inventory of German electronic music: Metazone, Zoon, Phobia, and especially Pink Elln. Then he put the full stop behind his first name and started releasing tracks that refined the live approach to his broad variety of music between Acid, Ambient and Techno to reduced but jacking grooves that displayed as much attention to detail as to floor impact and became an integral part of the defining sounds emanating from Germany to rule the clubs worldwide since the turn of the millennium.


And it might help as well to extend your abilities to the work with other artists. Tobias Freund already started this as part of the electronic cassette circuit in the 80’s in groups like Vo Ese or Hypnobeat, but a decade later his much loved group Sieg Über Die Sonne (with Martin Schopf aka Dandy Jack) graced the clubs with twisted and multi-faceted Techno Pop, and when it went on hiatus two decades later the project NSI. (with Max Loderbauer) and the Non Standard Productions imprint were initiated, to quickly become an institution for groundbreaking explorations in freeform electronic experimentalism. And there is Odd Machine, a joint venture with Ricardo Villalobos and Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom™) in particular, with whom he also forms a live and recording act that puts the weight of their experience into according action, Atom™ & Tobias. His latest collaboration is with his wife Valentina Berthelon named Recent Arts, an audiovisual project that explores the performance of audio and video in real time.


He produced and remixed international stalwarts like Efdemin, Ellen Allien, Los Updates, Delano Smith, Margaret Dygas or Aérea Negrot, on seminal labels like Sähkö, Playhouse, Ongaku, Cadenza, Perlon, Logistic, Wagon Repair, Mule Musiq, and, of course, Ostgut Ton. And this is just an excerpt.
With Tobias. a lot of things fall into place. He knows sound from the inside out, thus he is able to develop his own as well as lend his expertise to others. And even if the studio might be his favourite instrument, he knows so much about any hardware to produce electronic music that he can push the music forward any way he wants to. There is no need to divide his works into avant-garde or club contexts, because he effortlessly merges his whole spectrum into a performance that is all him, transforming the complex textures and gripping rhythms that make his music so fascinating into experiences where listening and dancing are one, and a whole life of music leads to ever new innovations. As it happens. On the spot. Tobias. may be non-standard, but he has sure set many.
Supported by local talents; Andi Dill, Sound Sensible, Fabio, Dogstarr, GForce, Kyle Russouw and Spekta.

JHB DJ Line Up:

Tobias. (Live)

Andi Dill

Sound Sensible

CPT DJ Line Up:

Main Floor (Downstairs):

Tobias. (Live)

Kyle Russouw


Groove Bar (Upstairs):



See you on the Friday 2nd and 3rd of June!

“Eyes In The Center” album:


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