Competition: Sprite launches unique new temperature sensitive can

Sprite is launching its brand new thermo can, which are innovative temperature sensitive cans aimed at driving Refreshment. The idea is to get a cold can out of your fridge, as you hold the can and begin drinking, you will notice the colour change on the Sprite Logo as well as key messages change colour on the back of the can. Coupled to this- Sprite is going on an exciting nationwide roadshow communicating to the youth- to launch this exciting innovation and share with them a similar concept applied to the Sprite Misting Umbrellas- i.e. these are umbrellas that literally refresh you, they emit fine mist from them,- and the Sprite logo on them also changes colour. Sprite is giving all of its fans a chance to be exposed to this refreshing innovation and also participate in the Lip Sync Battle, where they can stand a chance to win some cool prizes. Come and refresh yourself with some fresh props and select a song that you can identify with to express yourself in a refreshing way. The activations kicked off at Ekurhuleni East College on 17 August 2016 (insert date).


Some of the funky, urban youth messages that you will find on the back of the temperature sensitive cans are “More refreshing than face time with bae” and “More refreshing than umswenko” , just to name a few designed to entertain and delight consumers.


Sprite wants to conceptualise a cool and refreshing way of bringing like-minded people together, incorporating the type of urban lingo widely used by the youth of today. The messaging on the new thermo cans, launched in conjunction with the Lip Sync Battles, is the perfect way of doing this. The brand is driving messaging that will resonate with the urban savvy youth on campuses around the country as they unite in the name of refreshment and just being themselves.


The campaign will enjoy appearances from Matli Mohapeloa who will be embarking on a nationwide Lip Sync tour in selected locations, battling it out with local students to create hype around the Campaign and innovation introduced through the Sprite Cans and Umbrellas.


In a Lip Sync battle twist, the participants’ performances will be based on the messaging of their complimentary thermo can of Sprite. In these guaranteed-to-be-epic battles, the MC will call up one contestant at a time and treat them to a burst of refreshment as they each throw back a can of Sprite.  Following that, each contestant will need to be on top of their performance game to ensure they Lip Sync with attitude. The lucky winning contestants at some campuses will get to perform alongside the one-and-only Matli.


Join Sprite as it travels South Africa, pushing its refreshing taste and innovation via the temperature sensitive colour changing cans and umbrellas. Sprite does refreshment allowing you to do you. Search #Refreshinglikethat for more.


Competition details


The guide team is giving away a case of Sprite cans to one lucky winner to enjoy with friends. Share with us your #Refreshinglikethat moment with us on social media.


we want to see how you interpret your More refreshing than and include your new temperature sensitive can with your favourite messaging. The cooler the picture the higher your chances are for winning the prize.


Competition rules

  • Competition ends Thursday, 06 October 2016.
  • You can enter as many times as you like
  • You have to use #Refreshinglikethat in order for your entry to be valid
  • You must be following @theguide_mag and Liked The Guide online magazine on Facebook

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