Former Miss South Africa, Cindy Nell, is now calmly juggling life as a television presenter, business woman, philanthropist and mother. Aside from raising her own children, Cindy also dedicates her time to support the efforts of an initiative that feeds over 25, 000 school children breakfast every day, called Breakfasts For Better Days™.

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As a mom of two toddlers, Cindy is passionate about children, their education and nutrition. Since working with the feeding initiative, her eyes have also been opened to the harsh hunger reality in South Africa to date.


“Almost one in five children goes to school without breakfast, which is stunting their growth and development. As a family, we always make time for breakfast, and ensure we have lots of energy for the day. It is so hard to know so many children have no choice but to go without,” says Cindy.


Cindy’s work on projects such as this, has allowed her to take time out of her busy schedule and give back to some of those in need – a mantra she is ensuring her children, Ethan and Aenea, grow up to understand:


“I keep my cup full at times so I can mould my children into kind, wonderful, happy humans who will one day make a difference and remain grateful to the universe for their blessings,” Cindy adds.


Alongside representing some of South Africa’s most loved beauty brands, Cindy maintains an adventurous life taking part in sport, dance and running fueled by healthy nutrition and support from her husband, Clive Roberts.  Her happy childhood and home life ensures she understands the importance of fueling the body in the right way, and the implications of going without.


“Children cannot learn on an empty tummy. They cannot concentrate or even play. When their tummies are full with a healthy breakfast they feel ready for the day. It really makes all the difference to their learning and their futures,” says Cindy.
When recapping the last few years of motherhood, Cindy spoke of it as one unexpected challenge after the other but says she is overwhelmed by the excitement they bring and the possibilities that are out there for them:


“It is important that we raise our children to dream big and tell them they can achieve whatever they want to achieve. The Breakfasts For Better Days initiative has highlighted for me the importance of fueling our bodies and our minds! Every day I try and teach my children the importance of being grateful for all of life’s blessings, and being involved with sustainable project such as this, is a great way for me to be able to give people encouragement, hope and love.”

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