Stewart Richard Grays to launch highly anticipated SS17 Collections in South Africa

Stewart Richard Grays is a brand synomynous with style. The luxury brand is launching in South Africa this year with two labels under their banner; Grays London and G4Sports.


Designer Stewart Richard Grays partner`s with Ray Henry Randall to bring two collections that epitomise contemporary men’s fashion. The apparel and accessories collections are perfect for the professional out-going man who strives to live a balanced lifestyle between work, health, social and travel.


Stewart Grays is no stranger to the world of fashion. The acclaimed British designer has had an impressive career working in luxury retail brands across the world. Ray Randall, Fashion Director, has worked in entertainment and trends, with his passion lying in personal styling.  


Together with Stewarts’ international travel and Ray’s global trends knowledge, these fashionable men have designed both GRAYS London and G4Sports to offer stylish contemporary apparel and accessories to suit a balanced lifestyle and active career.


The mainline GRAYS London men`s collection of apparel and accessories uses Italian fabrics and trims, enamel branded buttons, contemporary styling and classic over-tones. The accessories are in soft Napa leather with the Italian chrome hardware and suede lining, that complements the look.


The G4Sports line of leisure and sportswear along with canvas and leather accessories offers a relaxed masculine style for everyday use. Think luxury design quality and design at mid-level prices.


Both collections have been manufactured in Cape Town but now Grays London and G4Sports will be available to purchase through stores in SA, and online later this year.


To launch the exclusive men’s brand, Stewart Richard Grays is partnering with the regal and high-performance car brand, Jaguar, at the Jaguar Showroom in Cape Town on August 26th.


Stewart and Ray will showcase their SS17 collectios on a night of luxury British cars, fashion, accessories and champagne, empitomising quality, fun and style. 

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