Last year, South African rapper Cassper Nyovest announced that he was working on his on mobile device partnering with AG mobile. We attended the launch of the device this year, we got a chance to be one of the first to witness this new device in motion.

AG Mobile #-20

The mobile device is called #Hashtag to catch the attention of the young, trendy and social go-getters who are familiar with the term #hashtag, we have to give it to them for the fun name.


AG#Hashtag side view

The design of the phone is uniquely designed to leave a lasting impression on the buyer, with it’s eye-catching and bold red colour with a thin and sleek exterior. The device features a 5.5” HD touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® 3 Glass. The phone is very light to carry it around and it seamlessly fit in your pocket with no additional weight. The design is one of the highlights of the #Hashtag device.


AG#Hashtag.Cassper shows phone

These days when buying a cell phone, the camera is the most paramount feature we all consider before making the final decision. If you are one of those people, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The phone features a 13 Megapixel back camera and flash, and also a 5-megapixel front camera that comes with a surprising feature- a front flash camera that helps you capture more selfies even when it’s dark.  But don’t have high expectations on the camera. For the camera, we would rate it a 3/5.


AG#Hashtag front.3 devices together

The phone is ideally designed for the young, urban and social go-getter who is always on the move but always maintains a social connection with his friends. The phone comes pre-loaded with social apps that you need to stay connected and not the unnecessary ones that you never ever use, the apps that are pre-loaded on the phone are Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter and facebook that makes you stay connected to your friends and family while still maintaining your cool. As an extra bonus to Casspers loyal fans the phone comes pre-installed with Casspers app, where you have exclusive content from the rapper himself- images and music.You can also download million other apps from the google play store. Apps we would rate it a 4/5 because they give you the apps that you need.



The phone comes equipped with 11.01 GB on board storage space for you to store all your favourite music, videos, and pictures. If you ever run out of space, the phone also has an external memory card port for you to extend your phone’s storage even further to allow for more storage to do more.  In terms of memory, we would rate it a 4/5



The Hashtag phone comes with a battery Boost allowing faster charging. The phone also comes equipped with an extended battery life that helps you stay connected for longer, you can survive a full day when you charge in the morning and still use social media apps throughout the day and charge the next day. 5/5



The Cassper Nyovest hashtag AG mobile phone offers great value for money with so many features that make the phone worth every penny for. The phone is exclusively available at MTN stores for R229/PM contract and also R3 699 on prepaid.


The phone did live up to our expectations with its great value for money. The phone is a must buy for those who being connected and want to pay less for it. We rate the Hashtag 4/5

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