adidas Originals Generation NMD event

By Jean Daniel

On the 7th of April adidas Originals hosted Generation NMD. The thought of an Adidas party on a supposedly cold evening in Johannesburg gave me the chills… So dressed in my army trenchcoat and my Adidas I made my way to the mecca of South African culture “Braamfontien”. The very top floor of the Bullion is where we were ushered to by a beautiful lady who remained in the lift the whole night welcoming the guests.

adidas NMD Exhibition_007 2

I expected sneakers,but instead it was all about art-beautifully photographed pictures of different places in Johannesburg.

Featuring a multimedia celebration of urban nomads, the journey kicked off with three powerful collaborations featuring people creating and inspiring SA street culture. Progressive Igers were paired with influencers belonging to the next generation of cultural creators. David East was paired with Anatii, Lebo Lukewarm with Lindiwe Ngubeni and Diary of Alex with Jazuelle.

adidas NMD Exhibition_001 2
The vibe and atmosphere of the event were more of what I experienced in my time in Cape Town-mellow,artistic and very social,as the celebrities began to pour in, followed by bloggers,artists n etc.

The vibe was amazing by 10pm with pictures being taken on the large vintage Adidas which was on the wall of the outside area which stood like the bat sign.

adidas NMD Exhibition_055

At the peak of this yes… Expo not party South African Hip Hop’s biggest star of the movement Emtee jumped on stage wearing a vintage Adidas tracksuit performing all his recent hits with the crowd losing their minds for his smash Pearl Thusi! Even Boity was creaming Pearl Thusi.

adidas NMD Exhibition_047

Nights like these in Johannesburg are an extreme alternative to the norm.

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