This week we have Rapper and fashion enthusiast Jean Daniel


Can you cook? And what’s your favourite meal to cook?
I can make a mean breakfast I cook some things here and there, I am no Jamie Oliver hahaha
What’s your favourite guilty pleasure food that you can’t help but munch on?
My Guilty pleasure food is MacDonalds I’m trying to quit! I need rehab for MacDonalds.
Favourite restaurant and favourite meal from that restaurant?
Any well lit romantic looking place in Cape Town with roast lamb dipped in sauce with rice and red wine. candles lit of course.
What’s the one unnecessary expenditure you once did and still regret today?
I have spent money on unnecessary clothing,I deeply regret until today.
What’s the one financial advice you have learned so far, that you still apply even today? 
The best advice I received  about money is never worship money, work to get it but do not worship it ,any and yeah… save money as much as possible.
The ladies want to know are you single?
Please tell the ladies I am single and looking for someone who is fun and loyal…… you gotta be smart, I have to appreciate you, you have to be loyal (DJ Khaled voice) lol!
If we can help you find a woman, who would you say is your ideal woman?
My ideal woman would be a woman that’s beautiful inside and out that is not worried about the normalities of this world with an expansive mind that is God fearing.
The biggest lesson you learned from dating?
The biggest lesson I learnt from Dating is that communication and honesty are the pillar of it all with friendship as the main foundation.
Your celebrity crush?
my celebrity crush is I mean are Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, JLO, Kelly Rowland Lee Anne Liendernberg and that’s all for today haha haha
How would you describe your current fashion sense?
my fashion sense is history mixed with African culture and hip hop.
5 fashion items you can’t live without?
a)haircut b)a watch c) shades a.k.a stunnas d)my pinky ring e)chains
Which celebrity would you love to raid their closet?
If I could raid a celebs cupboard it would have to be Chris Brown his the swag god.
Do you follow trends? And what was the weirdest trend that you followed and now when you look back it was totally ridiculous?
I don’t follow trends I dress according to what I feel is appropriate I can wear something when it goes out of fashion right now I am wearing Vocal go google it comrades.
The weirdest trend i followed was the Usher now the Usher is the oversized shirt tucked into a big buckle belt,baggy jeans and sneakers if you add on a blazer you have the worst thing ever.
Name five of your favourite artists?
Micheal Jackson, Eminem,Pharell, Linkin Park,NELLY
Artists who you feel should just retire?
50 CENT, The Game, Donald ,2face and  R kelly
Your favourite song to perform?
My favourite song to perform is the duet with El Raffael Goggles youtube it its a classic.
A word from the grapevine is that you have a new single on the pipeline, can you tell us more about the single and when it’s dropping?
Right now Funeral swag is out by Jean-Daniel please YouTube it, I have many singles dropping in April many features too,April keep your eye me please. in fact right now too.
What would you say is your career highlight so far? 
my career highlight right now has been being play-listed in 3 other African Countries performing Funeralswag live on YFM,and the articles from Nigeria and Ghana.
What do you normally do to kill time over the weekend?
I love going to the Cinema,art gallery or shopping.
If you could get an opportunity to go hard-core drinking with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
I would love to go hardcore drinking Eddie Murphy imagine the jokes! wiz Khalifa too lol!
 If you could live anywhere in the world where would you like to live and why?
New York, it just screams me creative,suits, jackets, cold weather and underground trains.
Your five favourite hangouts in JHB?
Dukes Burgers in Greenside ,.v.ip. barbershop in La Rochelle, Soweto,Monte Casino and The Dope Store in the CBD.
Complete the following sentence

If I won a million rand I would.. Invest in my future.
I am a future legend because…following in the footsteps and bettering the legends.
If my house burnt down and I had to save only 5 items I would save..family photos and videos,clothes that my family bought for me,my passport and my BIBLE.
my hangover secret.. is to not mix drinks stick to one type if you can’t, drink grandpa and snack on chicken licken with extra hot sauce.
my favourite childhood game… is Super Mario.
creativity to me is breathing.
one night stands are mystical.
On the spot
Vodka or tequila? Tequila,
Vodka or tequila?booty,
Bonang or Pearl Thusi? Bonang,
Braamfontein or Maboneng? Maboneng,
Euphonik or Kent? kent
Great body or great personality? great personality

So what’s next for you?
what’s next for me is continue killing fashion and art,continue building my movement.


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