Levi’s® puts fabulous fashion firmly underfoot


Effortless cool, and a style that has been around for more than a century, the Levi’s® denim range, be it jeans or jackets, is one of the most recognizable and revered brands in the market. Fans and loyalists will wear a pair of Levi’s® until there’s no choice but to retire them to denim heaven and replace with a pair the new updated range.

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If you find yourself in that position now and you are heading into a Levi’s® store, not only will you be able to enjoy the comforts of the iconic 501® Originals, but you’re likely to leave with some of the newest and trendiest sneakers in the market because it’s not just your legs and your upper body that need to be styled properly – your feet make as much of a fashion statement as the rest of you does.

With the introduction of some new colours and the best designs in the market, the Levi’s® Shoe range for Autumn/ Winter 2016 is bound to get some tongues wagging – and not just the ones in these trend-setting shoes.  The same denim used in the iconic jeans is now a regular feature in the Vintage Cone range. For winter, consumers will be introduced to the Indigo Washed Denim range, in both high and low tops – perfect to lighten up the doom and gloom of winter.

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The Trucker range is also one you’ll want added to your wardrobe. Made with top grain, man-made material, this range is available in a wide range of colours including the new Chocolate and Washed Denim, as well as in navy, grey and black.

Levi’s® lovers will be happy to know that the Dunks are still a prominent feature in the range. With trendsetting and forecasting key in keeping Levi’s® at the forefront of all things hot, ladies will be happy to know that the current metallic trend has been included into this range. To top it off for the season, a special touch of Astec Fur Lining is a feature in the Dunk High Tops.


Looking to keep it a little smarter, but still enough to be somewhat casual? The Jogger and Treviso styles are definitely going to grab your and everyone else’s attention. The Jogger styles are now available in denim colours, while the Treviso incorporates the combination material into its look.

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About Levi’s

For over a century, men and women have done amazing things in their Levi’s®. They have built countries, changed perceptions and expressed themselves through film, art and music. Today’s generation isn’t fighting against something, they are fighting for something. Just as Levi’s® is looking for new opportunities, so too does the people who wear Levi’s®. They are building, creating, making and shaping, enduring and shouting. They challenge the rules and aren’t afraid to get dirty. The Levi’s® brand embodies a pioneering spirit that is always driven to innovate. It unites our hopes, our dreams, our efforts, and our energy. Levi’s® have been worn by presidents and farmers, doctors and outlaws, princes and mine workers. They are a common thread with a common promise: to provide quality product in which to Go Forth®.


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Available in all Levi’s® retail stores, selected Edgars and leading fashion retailers.

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