This week we put Rapper and former model Blayze on the Haute seat.



Can you cook? And what’s your favourite meal to cook?

I can cook, I’m no chef, though. My favorite meal to cook is Roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and a salad.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure food that you can’t help but munch on?

Roco Mamas Ribs. I love them

Favourite restaurant and favourite meal from that restaurant?

One of my favourite restaurants is still ‘Signature’. Their fillet steak is really good.



What’s the one unnecessary expenditure you once did and still regret today?

A whole music video…The video production and final product was bad quality but I shouldn’t have released that song or shot the video. I cringe every time I hear that song or see the video. I was in a weird space at that stage. I shouldn’t have released that project, but you live and you learn so I’ve taken that as a lesson.

 What’s the one financial advice you have learned so far, that you still apply even today?

Save. Your. Money.



 The ladies want to know are you single?

Yes I am

If we can help you find a woman, who would you say is your ideal woman? 

That’s a funny question because I’m very particular when it comes to women. I don’t have a list of do’s and don’ts, it’s really just how I vibe with you…little things… if you can make me laugh that’s a huge bonus, though.

The biggest lesson you learned from dating? 

Guard your heart….

Your celebrity crush? 

Don’t really have one, Rite Ora is sexy, Cassie has something about her.



 How would you describe your current fashion sense? 

Black on black

 5 fashion items you can’t live without?

Sneakers, my watches, shades, rings, accessories and a snapback

 Which celebrity would you love to raid their closet? 

I would love to raid David Beckham for suits and then Chris Brown for urban wear.

Do you follow trends? And what was the weirdest trend that you followed and now when you look back it was totally ridiculous?

I don’t really follow trends, I like to see what’s current but then do it your way. Weirdest “Trend” I followed was probably when I got a Mohawk. My dad hated it hahaha


Name five of your favourite artists? 

Kanye West, Bryson Tiller, G-Eazy, Micheal Jackson, My damn self

Artists who you feel should just retire?

Ifani, Steve Hofmeyer…and that idiot who did “Watch me whip”

Your favourite song to perform? 

My single ‘Suka’ ft Kwesta…it never gets old with the crowd. If I’m performing with my band, my favourite song to perform would be between “Meant to be” and “Hammer”

What inspired your latest single and also the cover? 

image001 (4)

I needed to do something for the women who follow and support my music. Nothing I’ve released caters to them, so I decided to do the ‘Ladies Night EP’. The cover was inspired by an underwear shoot I saw. My photographer, Lebo Lukewarm, who, by the way, is too bad ass, sat and threw it together and did the shoot. I think it came out really well.

What would you say is your career highlight so far? 

Performing live with a band in front of my parents at an unplugged session. That was such a great feeling. They are my biggest fans and are always there for me. I remember seeing my mom just staring at me on stage with her hands clutched together and my dad standing up and watching me with the biggest smile on his face, They looked so proud of me. My family is all that matters.



 What do you normally do to kill time over the weekend? 

I enjoy having people over or going to visit friends. Clubs are cool once in a while but its over done. I prefer good times with people you actually want around.

 If you could get an opportunity to go hard-core drinking with any celebrity, who would it be and why? 

Charlie Sheen, I would just want him to tell me his story, why he did what he did. He might die soon, so I may have to look at a second option

 If you could live anywhere in the world where would you like to live and why? 

I’m not sure, to be honest, there a lot of beautiful places, but South Africa is amazing too


Your five favourite hangouts in JHB? 

There’s loads of places, to be honest, really depends on my mood.

Complete the following sentence

 If I won a million rand I would…….. treat my family to a huge vacation, blow 20K at ‘The Grand’ because there’s some poor med student trying to pay her tuition (Fees must fall)  and then save and invest the rest.

I am a future legend because…I believed in me before anyone else did….I don’t believe God makes anybody to be less than amazing, it’s up to you to make it happen, though.

If my house had burned down and I had to save only 5 items I would save…My MacBook – all my work is on there, my sneakers, my favourite watch, the picture collage of my family, my cell phone.

My hangover secret is… drink water before you go to sleep

My favourite childhood game…Monopoly, I used to run those streets

Creativity for me is…a form of freedom

One night stands are…your cup of tea if that’s what you are looking for

On the spot

 Batman or superman? Batman

Vodka or tequila?  Vodka

Beer or cider? Neither

Bonang or Pearl Thusi? Bonang Thusi lol

Braamfontein or Maboneng? Braam

Euphonik or Kent? Euphonik, I admire his business acumen

Generations or Ashes to Ashes? I’m more of a music channel guy

Twitter or Instagram or facebook? Instagram

Great body or great personality? Personality…you can always fix a body

So what’s next for you? The Ladies Night EP’ officially drops on February 15th. Don’t miss it!


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